Lash-Stravaganza! New Sugarpill Lashes Pics & Review!

Hi Bellas,

Recently one of my fav brands SugarPill came out with a whole line of new lashes.  They're super fun, affordable and definitely worth checking out.  Ready for some lash porn?  LOL well here goes!

You know I'm a lash junkie so I'm pretty familiar with many of the typical styles of lashes.  I was excited to see some new variations in this line.  In the pics below I provide the lash name and my thoughts.

Flutter - Long, thick and dense...great for a dragalicious look, in a good way of course!
Spark - These remind me of the famous #7 MAC lashes but they have rhinestones at the base.  I think these would look fab also paired on top of another pair of fuller lashes.
Precious - I love these lashes - I've worn them twice already.  They have a very interested shape but they look natural when the eye is open and unexpected when it's closed.
Saint - These are my fave!  I love how they're so dense yet wispy at the edges.
Stormy - Perfect for giving you that spikey lash look!
Shady Lane - These are really cool!  I love them for an avant guarde look.
Porcelain - I tried these on already - they have an invisible band which is convenient but I think i'd like these paired on top of another lash for emphasis
Dewdrop Kisses - Gotta love the bling - each bundle of lashes has a rhinestone at the tip.  Super fun!
Pixie Bomb - These lashes are another funky pair to express your wild side.  I would suggest even cutting the lash in half and placing just the end on another part of more subtle lashes - va va voom!
Dreamy - These lashes are one of the more wearable in the bunch (well, wearable if you're a makeup junkie and used to lashes lol) - dense, thick and medium length - just the way I like it!
Can't complete the look without the lashes!  Check out the super cute packaging.
Loves it!

You'll definitely see me rocking these lashes in upcoming video tutorials and FOTDs.  I love how the lash styles reflect the fun & spunky personality of the SugarPill brand.  A lot of the lashes are definitely on the wild side, so I recommend pairing some of them on top of more typical lashes to make them wearable - you can always customize a lash to fit your own eye shape and personality.  And for you funky girls out there (myself included) go ahead and rock the full strip, woo hoo!

These lashes retail between $5 and $8 at

FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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