Friday, October 7, 2011

Amber Lights Wedding Makeup

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another bridal post! Today's bride wanted a metallic, golden look for her summer wedding.  Although Summer is technically over, this is a great look for the fall since Metallic eyes are very on trend.
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I used a mix of MAC eyeshadows to create this look...cult classics like woodwinked and amber lights.  I also focused on creating a flawless finish for the skin.  To achieve, I used light layers of Kett Hydro airbrush foundation to really get good coverage.
If you have spots that are hard to cover, airbrush works great since you never actually touch the skin and can't erase layers of coverage.
I love when I get shots with the bride.
Even though I've done so many weddings, I still love the process and still get butterflies in seeing a bride in her wedding dress, I'm such a romantic!  More wedding posts to come!


DaphYin said...

This bridal look is gorgeous! Matches her perfectly! Great job :)

Leticia said...

Great job! The bride looks stunning!

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Kulchicbeauty said...

This looks beautiful Ren, i love it, its neutral but yet classy. Beautiful!

Tracy D said...

Wow, great job..she looked beautiful!

MakeupbyNicole788 said...

Did you just use woodwinked on inner part of eye and amberlites on outer and increase??? It looks beautiful I tried doing that and it didnt look the same so I was just wondering if I did something wrong?

Brendon Tylor said...

This is a great contest!I agree, I went to the seminar too, learn a lot from melbourne

Allen Bates said...

The make-up looks good on you, congratulations.
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Makeup By Evita Joseph said...

Ren please i would love to create this look for my bride , which MAC eye shadows did u use and the placement.