Bestie's Maternity Makeup and Photoshoot

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post!  Today I'm featuring pictures from a super special photoshoot - My Bestie's Maternity Shoot!  I did the makeup and the BF did the photos.  You already saw a sneak peak with my B&F Airbrush Pregnant Belly Post.  Here are the final pictures!

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My bestie knew that she wanted really clean pictures and more of an artistic look.  We definitely wanted to do the look of a crisp white button down and then some other simple, basic pieces that would not go out of style.

For makeup, I did a very clean, natural look using neutral tones from the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the Sigma Bare Palette.  I wanted to keep the face pretty natural to let her natural mommy glow shine.
The final look!

Shout out to the BF of MMFotography for the amazing photography skills, my other Bestie Alex for being the Fan Wind Maker he he (wind action makes the hair look fabulous) and of course my other Bestie Sai (doesn't she make an amazing model)?

I have pictures from her baby shower coming soon!