Review - Glamcor Makeup Brushes

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review, and yes it's brushes once again!  I hope i'm giving you all a taste of all the amazing options out there.  It's important to try different brands.  My brush collection is super diverse and one of the most recent additions comes from Glamcor.  I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about their amazing light and mobile kits, but you've got to hear about their brushes.
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I've had these brushes for a really long time.  Remember when I filmed the Glamcor Studio tour a few months ago?

Well my friend Shana King, the designer of Glamcor brushes, gave me some brush samples to test out.  If anyone knows about Brushes, it's Shana.  She has a long career in the industry and you can definitely see it in these products.  I've used them consistently over the last few months and I'm happy to finally give you my review.

Glamcor Finish Brush $65
No need to hold back, this brush is just plane awesome! It's a duo fiber (mix of natural and synthetic hairs) buffing brush and the cut of the bristles forms a perfect spherical shape. The bristles are nice and dense even though it's a duo fiber brush which you usually associate with a more loose distribution of bristles.  It helps that the bristles are shorter.  I absolutely love this brush for buffing in powder foundation and even blush.  You'll really get an airbrushed finish and you'll never have a problem with blending.  Later on, I actually received a dupe of this brush from another company but it didn't even come close to the amazingness of this one.
Glamcor Mini Finish Brush $30
This brush is truly one of a kind.  I definitely don't have anything else in my kit that comes close to it.  The amazing thing about it is the cut of the bristles.  It comes to such a fine point that you can literally fill in a fine line or wrinkle with this brush.  This also works great for super detailed crease work.
Glamcor Mini Contour Brush $30
This pencil tipped brush is awesome for concealing small areas.  I also find it works really well for crease color.  It's very firm and again, perfect tapering of the bristles.  The materials are high grade synthetic and work great with any liquid or cream products.  I suggest using it in more of a tapping and stippling motion to really get the best use of the brush.
Glamcor Contour Brush $75
I just think this brush is absolutely beautiful - truly a modern tool.  I have a similar one like this but I love the longer handle.  It really offers more control.  The bristles come to a tip because our faces are not flat and this fits into all of the grooves and curves.  The brush is labeled contour...but you can use this for any kind of liquid product.  I recommend using it for applying skincare or foundation.  The bristles are very dense and they are tapered off really well.  Considering the amount of bristles and the way it's cut, this brush is worth the money.
Glamcor Buffer Brush $55
This mini flat top kabuki comes in really handy for buffing in powder, liquid or cream products right where you need it.  It's super soft and the bristles are cut nicely.  Sometimes I'll use it also as a precise contour brush or even as a tool to highlight under the eyes.  If you have problems with foundation or concealer sitting on top of the skin, use this to buff it in for a better finish.

-Amazing Quality
-Beautiful Appearance - Sleek and Modern
-Luxurious materials
-The names of the brushes are laser etched into the handles
-Performance Exceptionally
-No issues with shedding, bleeding
-Great customer service

-White handle shows dirt/makeup more (however I later found that they picked white so that you can immediately find when products need to be cleaned)
-Only 5 brushes currently available (hoping they will expand)
-Website lacks Brush Description

Would I Recommend?  
I realize that many of you might find that the price point is a bit high on these brushes.  Honestly, these are not the average brushes for the average makeup users.  The brushes are super high quality and are more of an investment for makeup artists, serious makeup users or luxury enthusiasts.  I felt the same about Hakuhodo brushes.  I do think these brushes are amazing and i'd definitely recommend them.  If I was to suggest my favorites, I'd definitely go with the Glamcor Finish Brush, the Glamcor Mini Finish Brush, and the Glamcor Contour Brush because I have similar brushes to the other too.  If you want to get the whole set it does end up being cheaper then buying them individually.

You can purchase the brushes individually (range $30 to $75) or the complete Glamcor 5 Piece Brush Set for $210 at

Have you guys tried the Glamcor brushes?  Would you purchase?  Let me know in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  Products gifted to me.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.