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I'm back with another guest post!  Daphne has come up with a great post about the power of makeup to create illusions from a fake tan, to a fake bruise, to the no makeup makeup look.

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Makeup not only enhances our beauty but also our desire to hide things... like pimples, dark circles, etc. Makeup is very important in performance arts; it is a disguise for the actors, to be closer to the character they are playing. When we play with the art of makeup, we also play with our outer appearance. We are then like a cameleon; we change colours whenever we want. So easy to fool people nowadays right? You can:

1. Get Flawless Skin.
By applying foundation and concealer everyday, you opt for a perfect skin, that in fact you don't have.
2. Pretend you are ill or tired.
By faking some dark circles by apply excess eyeshadow all over your lids and applying a pale unhealthy colour foundation you can easily appear very tired. Careless makeup is useful too.
3. Make your eyes bigger/smaller

To make your eyes bigger:
Apply a white or any pale eyeshadow especially on your lower lids and on the inner corner of your eyes. You do not need to cover all the lower lid when lining it, or else it will make your eyes even smaller. Covering half or two-thirds of your lid is enough.
To make your eyes smaller:
Apply a black or dark eyeshadow, and make sure you line your eyes completely.
4. Make your face appear thinner/thicker
By contouring your face (placing a darker than your skin contouring powder under the cheekbones) you can achieve a thinner face. For a thicker one, do not contour your face at all and use blush to attract more attention to your cheeks and make them fuller.
5. Fake a bruise
You can fake a bruise by using a makeup brush and some red, purple, black eyeshadows and even by buying some fake blood. Don't forget your imagination!
6. Fake a tan

Summer has come and though you've been to the beach, you still can't get a tan. Therefore what most of us would do is to buy these tan lotions, bronzers, etc which are so popular on the market of makeup and very successful too :) You can even appear sunburnt just for fun!
7. No makeup makeup
You can even trick people into believing that you don't wear makeup when in fact you do! Perfect for teens who want to try out makeup but whose parents won't agree with. All you need is foundation, concealer, mascara and lipgloss. Darker than your skin eyeshaow is nice too to create more depth to your eyes.
8. Be unrecognisable!

Who would have thought that this Red Queen was in fact Helena Bonham Carter unless you knew her very well? This type of makeup illusion is mostly used for masked and disguised parties or halloween. 
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