Smokey Look & New Hair

Hi Bellas,

Hope all is well! Sorry for the no post yesterday, I think I had one of the busiest weeks ever and took Monday off as a vacation day. I was in New York the end of last week for business, and came back to a crazy weekend. Friday evening I flew home and went straight to a Zombie Haunted House, Saturday Morning I had an 8 person wedding, Saturday evening I went to the Real Housewives Tour in Atlanta, Sunday I had the Sam Fine Makeup Class, and Sunday night I had my Walking Dead Viewing Party. Along the way, there was makeup makeup makeup, lol.

I have so many awesome posts coming up featuring these fun events. You may notice in the pictures that my hair looks a little different. Well I went darker a few weeks ago and never really mentioned it anywhere except twitter. Here are a few shots of my new color!

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I've had a brown base with caramel highlights for a while now. I don't think i've been on the darker side since 2005, and I haven't been my natural hair color since high school. Since it's fall, I wanted to go darker. Also, the blond highlights are really hard to maintain especially with my busy schedule. The color actually came out a lot darker than I thought...I wanted more of a coppery brown, but I still absolutely love it. My roots will grow out far more softly and overall the darker hair definitely gives me a different feel - I feel strong and sophisticated!

Here are a few shots of my hair and a smokey look I wore out a few weeks ago when I went for a night of dancing with the BF.  I notice the hair color looks great with bronzer.  If I look kinda sleepy in the pics, it's because I was, lol.

I have more Halloween tutorials coming up soon, stay tuned!