Makeup Travel Solution - Hold Me Bag Review

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I'm back with another review.  You all may know that when it comes to packing makeup, I'm pretty OCD about it all.  I'm always looking ways to consolidate my kit.  Additionally, I always try to simplify my personal  makeup packing process when I travel.  If you're looking for a personal makeup travel solution make sure to check out this review!

This review came just in time.  I had some travel coming up and needed an efficient way to pack my makeup and brushes.  Hold It Company contacted me and asked me to review their product and I decided to give it a true test run for my trip to the New York Makeup Show.

This is how it came in the mail, pretty right?

These aren't your average makeup travel bags.  Most in the market are typical makeup bags which are either clear or some sort of vinyl/polyester mix.  They look like large pencil cases and that's what we're all used to.  

Being the researcher and product junkie I am...i've tried a million things.  I've tried pencil cases, makeup bags, hanging makeup organizers to small train cases.  In the past, I ended up defaulting to a simple, large MAC Makeup bag because it held everything and didn't take too much room.  The problem was that it didn't hold my brushes and I also often had to dig around a lot to find out what I was looking for.  Now comes the Hold Me Bag...

This case reminds me of the Zuca pouches but better!  It has the rectangular zip up makeup section along with a brush holder and it also ties up together in a nice and pretty package.
There are instructions on how to tie the knot to close the case.  It's really simple.
 The bag is reminiscent of an old school book satchel.  
It comes in a really nice, black "new suede" material.
You can lay the bag flat so that your brushes are open on one side and the makeup is in open view on the other.

The large rectangular compartment unzips to store makeup and tools.  It actually fits a lot!  Here's a shot of all the makeup I stored in there.
And here it is all sealed up.

Inside their is also a large pocket so you can securely hold a palette which is perfect so that no shadows are shaking around and breaking.  It fits a large Z Palette.

Theirs also a lining that can be removed to be cleaned.

You also get this really nifty brush holder.  This is the first kind i've seen with the different diagonal slots.  This is genius! You can hold brushes of multiple lengths in here - you fit more and you don't have to worry about some brushes being too long or short.

These are my actual brushes in here.  The last row is really tall which can be good so that it secures your fluffy brushes so the bristles don't get splayed.  The shorter rows in front are great for those teeny tiny brushes that usually get lost or hidden.

My Thoughts
I was a little concerned when I saw it...the material looked suede and I just pictured makeup just sticking to it.  However directions recommending using a gentle soap to wipe it clean.  I put some hand soap on a face towel and it really did wipe clean.

It's actually got a nice design.  I like how it models a school girl's notebook.  The soft "new suede" material is supposed to be super durable - off hand I liked how it was a soft case so it could squeeze into nooks and crannies of my luggage when I travel.

Here it is packed for my trip to the New York Makeup Show.  This is an actual shot from the hotel.  I did my makeup at the desk and left the makeup open like this.  You can see how all the makeup is accessible on the left and brushes on the right.  When I'm done I just close the covers and it protects everything.


  • Fits a lot of makeup
  • Fits a lot of brushes of varying size
  • Nice and sleek looking
  • String closure makes it easy to close no matter how bulky it gets
  • Easy to clean


  • Can get bulky
  • Shows dirt
  • A bit pricey - but for a quality makeup bag and brush holder in one I can see it being a little more

You can find this product at It retails for $55.  You can also find these at select retail locations such as Alcone, Makeup Mania and more,  Check out the list here.

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Thank you to Hold Me Company for hosting this giveaway.  Good luck!

FTC Disclosure:  Product sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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