Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 New York Makeup Show Shopping List

Hi Bellas,

I have this post set to post automatically, and as we speak, I'll be at the New York Makeup Show.  I thought it might be interesting to show you my Shopping List for the Makeup Show.  Mind you, I'm overly OCD about things like this lol.  I include just the listed price from the vendor's websites since I wasn't sure what the actual sale price will be.

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I plan on checking out all of the booths but I'm not sure that I'll buy everything on the list.  Actually I'm pretty sure I won't.  I set myself a makeup budget as well.  I'm definitely hoping that the Sale prices are around 40% off the budgeted price but we'll see.  I'll be walking around with this actual list at the show.  I'll make sure and do a haul video of what I actually pick up.

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See you at the show!

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PurdyFaces said...

This is such a good post I love it Ren! :) I'm going to IMATS LA this year and also made a list similar like this. But I have not included original prices or other columns like you have so I can see if its worth getting the discount at the show or not. Sooo helpful, I will be updating my shopping list as we speak. Thank you again! :)

Samia said...

I just came back from the makeup show. Your class was so informative...I love your posts and videos but your a great speaker too!

SatsukiMUA said...

It was nice meeting you at the show RenRen! You are as humble and sweet in person as you are on camera! I also enjoyed your class! I especially loved how you demonstrated the airbrush system! I made a list but it wasnt this organized and well thought out! I love it and what great idea for next year! Great post!

Makeup By Aisha said...

This is perfect. I didn't make it to NY but I am aiming for Chicago. Definite must have. Thanks so much!