Makeup Artist Series - Favorite MAC Bridal Shadows - Neutral Shades

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I'm back with another post.  With Bridal season coming up, I thought this would be very helpful for my makeup artists and future brides alike.  I've created a series where I feature my favorite shadows that I use on Brides.  In general, I mainly use MAC shadows.  In this series I'll begin with neutral shades, then focus on other popular bridal requests - purples, smokey, and Indian Brides.

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In general these are neutral shades that are awesome for your kit.  I keep them in a MAC palette labeled neutrals.  It depends on skin tone and type, but generally these are my most used shadows for my neutral brides.

LID- I chose a lot of shimmer shades because they give a nice pop to the eye when placed in this area.  stay away from anything too chunky with glitter.
all that glitters - Peachy pink shade with a pearl finish, great for all skin tones
woodwinked - Light brown with gold shimmer, great for all skin tones
satin taupe - Cool tone taupe brown with shimmer - great for all skin tones

OUTER V: This is where I use a darker shade to contour the eye and give it depth and shape.  Try to keep it to low shimmers and mattes.
brown down - Great warm brown for everybody, works with most skin tones
embark - Great for darker skin tones because it has a deeper red color to it and it's a beautiful matte shade
carbon -  I may use this just to darken up colors for darker skin tones
swiss chocolate - Goes great with pink colors; it's a matte, warm pinky brown
glamour check - So sad this is limited edition but I absolutely love this warm brown shade; it's one of the starflash finishes and goes on really smooth

CREASE TRANSITION:  This added layer of color makes the look more professional and helps to blend out shadows.  The warm brown shades really bring light to the eyes.
soft brown- For light to tan skin tones, a warm peachy brown shade
texture - For medium to dark skin tones, a darker orangey brown shade

HIGHLIGHT- You always want to keep this area nice and light, it really helps to make the eye more open and larger.  A little shimmer in the brow works...I like doing matte and then putting a shimmer on the highest point under the brow
shroom - My first highlight shade, it's got a smidge of pearl on it to really lighten the brow bone, great for light to tan shades
ricepaper - Gorgeous gold highlight with a bit of shimmer but not too much, I pretty much use this on everybody, right under the highest arch of the brow for a touch of light
blanc type - Great for light to medium skin tones, it really highlights the browbone nicely and this matte shade applies very smooth
bamboo - This matte, peachy cream shade is my go-to for women of color; it lightens the brow bone without making it ashy
brule - A little smidge darker than blanc type with a yellow tone, great for medium to tan skin tones
vanilla - A smidge darker than blanc type, it's a classic vanilla shade for light to tan skin tones

What are your favorite MAC Neutral bridal eyeshadow shades?  Leave them in the comments below!

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