Girls Night Out - Smokey Blues

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another makeup look from my Caress Girls Night Out Event.  My friend Karla was wearing a sexy leopard print dress and I wanted to pick makeup that fit the occasion.  To me, animal print can often be a neutral color.  As a result, I went for a smokey eye (can't go wrong with that), but decided to mix it up.

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A lot of people who aren't used to color get a little scared when you try to apply something outside of the neutral category.  The key is to use a "safe" color, in this case silver, and place it on the lid so that it fades into your brighter color.  That way, the whole eye isn't too vibrant, but you can still add color in the middle and outer part of the lid.  I picked more of a royal blue tone so that it would be a bit more wearable.

I used the bright royal blue from my Best of Both World's Yaby Palette.  The color is super rich and pigmented.  I also used a darker blue from my Barbie Stila palette as the outer v/contour color.

Karla was one of my last models in my chair.  I think I had about 15 minutes to do her makeup...not too shabby right?  It helps that I have most of my makeup in makes for quick mixing and matching.
I loved how it came really made her eyes pop, and I think the guys agreed because they couldn't keep their hands off her at the club, wink wink.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more makeup breakdowns from Caress Girls Night Out event!