Hot Pink Zebra Traincase!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video!  Today i'll be showing a brand new traincase.  I like to review several different styles so that you all can see all of the options out there.  This applies to professionals who need to transport makeup or even beauty junkies who need somewhere to store their products.  If you like pink and zebra stripes, this one's for you!

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Here's a shot of the full length of the traincase. You can see it has a lot of personality with the pink and black zebra stripes.

The traincase splits into two pieces.  The top half is a typical traincase with sliding drawers. I like how the drawers slide all the way out so that each compartment is easily accesible.

The bottom half contains a large empty compartment with a shelf on top.

You can see that the bottom compartment is huge.
-very large, holds a lot
-hard siding protects makeup
-lots of compartments and moveable dividers
-cute design
-drawers slide out all the way
-removable top and bottom section

-can be very heavy to transport
-if the case tips over, the makeup may slide out of the drawers

This traincase is great for those who need a lot of room, such as hair stylists.  It's funky design is really cute and great for those of us who are tried of plain black cases.  I'm more of a soft-sided traincase kind of girl but I can definitely see this being an option for many of you out there.

You can find this traincase retailing for $179.95 at  If you don't see this exact model on the site, they have similar ones.  Yazmo informed me that they'll have this one up any day now, it was so popular it sold out!

Remember to use coupon code renren for 5% off your order.

FTC Disclosure:  Product received for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Atlanta Makeup Artist