Blushing Makeup Artisan Haul

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video.  For those of you who are makeup artists, this haul covers all the basic supplies that we need for our kits.  My friend Kat, a fellow blogger and makeup artist, has opened up her own online pro makeup artist store called Blushing Makeup Artisan.

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Kat has taken her expertise from being a makeup artist, and her knowledge of the latest trends as a blogger and turned that into opening a store which has really great items for makeup artists.  The prices are reasonable and she has even offered my viewers a coupon code.  With this, you'll definitely find these items for some of the most competitive prices out there.

Here's what I received:

35 Well Pro Artist Palette - Use to depot cream foundation, concealers, lippies...I've used this to depot my Eve Pearl dual HD foundations.
Menda Pump - 6 oz with locking top..use for nail polish remover, makeup push the button on the top and product is dispensed.  It's a convenient way to get some quick makeup remover on a pad without having to worry about spilling excess product from a bottle.
Stackable jars, 5 per stack - use for storing pigments, lippies, etc...i've put my favorite neutral pigments in these.
Latex sponges currently on sale, latex free sponges will be in supply soon
Makeup applicator tips - pointed ends for precise application i.e. cleaning up around eyebrows and winged liner
Doe foot and brush applicators for lipgloss and lipstick - great for larger gigs like weddings
Disposable eyeliner applicators - can't wait to try these!
Puffs - large and small - super soft and the strap gives you extra control.  Use smaller one for pinky so that you can rest your hand on your client without the oil from your finger messing up the makeup.  Use the larger one for touch-ups.

Mascara wands - straight and curved head
Empty eyeshadow palette - great for pressing pigments, depotting lipsticks...palette is magnetic

Folding hand size mirror and sharpener

You can find these products at
Use coupon code REN for 25% off your order until 12/31/10.  Unlimited use until it expires.  Latex sponge packs are only $1 until she gets her stash of non-latex sponges in.

Kat is also working on upgrading the website so look for developments coming soon.

FTC Disclosure:  Products provided for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Atlanta Makeup Artist