Girls Night Out - Trina Inspired Makeup

Hi Bellas,

If you follow my blog and YouTube regularly, you know that I recently posted about my Caress Girls Night Out Experience.  My girls and I got dolled up for a night out and being the resident makeup guru in the group, you know that I was called on to do everyone's makeup.  I had about 6 people to do (including myself) and I wanted to break down each look for you.  Today I'll be covering Saiesha's look, inspired by a picture we saw of Trina in a hair magazine.

Saiesha was wearing all black, so we thought it would be fun to give her a pop of color with a red lip.  She wore the same lip combo for her wedding last October and she carries it off really well.

Here I am doing her makeup in the hotel.

Here are some shots of her makeup.  Saiesha has found that it's difficult for others to match her skin tone.  As you can see in the pictures above, her forehead and perimeter of her face has a more darker red tone, while the center of the face is more yellow.  The key is to use multiple foundation colors and blend them together.  I used the Graftobian Warm Palette and it gave me all the colors I needed.

On her eyes, I used a variety of bronzes from my Yaby and MAC shadows.  I actually also doubled up on two pairs of false lashes, Red Cherry #747s, because she likes the look of fuller lashes.  On her lips, she's rocking MAC Vino lip pencil and Ruby Woo lipstick.  On her cheeks I applied NYC bronzer in a red and gold tone to give her a bronzey cheek color.

Here's a shot of us at the club!    Hope you enjoyed!

I have more posts like this coming out featuring the rest of my girls, stay tuned!  Have a great weekend!