Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bronzey and Smokey FOTD

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another look for you all. Today's post features makeup that I wore to a Kathy Griffin comedy show. I wanted to go all out and really glam myself up. Lately, I notice that I'm really into smokey eyes featuring neutrals and metallics like golds and browns. I find that the look is super flattering and easy to do.

Click here to see the look!
I was going for a really glowy, bronzey look.  I stuck to golds and browns and followed the same on my cheeks.  I'm not too sure what colors I used...but I think I used MAC flip eyeshadow on my lids and then I used colors from my Wet N Wild Envy Palette and my ELF smokey eyes beauty book to do the rest.  For my cheeks I applied my NYC bronzer which has a gold side which gives you a perfect highlight, and the brown to contour.

I even pulled out my clampless curling iron to do my hair.  Too bad it was super hot that night and the curls were a hot frizzy mess by the end of the night, lol.

Ewww I hate when you can see toilet paper rolls in the background...sorry about that, lol.

That's it for now folks, till next time, Ciao Bellas!


trinity said...

super pretty look, ren!! and i'm feeling the hair girl... hot!!!

socialitedreams said...

you look so gorgeous!! it's a great look, I am loving those palettes (i have lust) because they are pigmented and cheap!


Flora D. said...

Stunning Ren!

Love the colors. I wish to try Wet n Wild soon.


Ginney said...

I LOVE THE WW palettes! I have all of them. i can't believe the pigment!

KRIS said...

Beautiful look! Love your hair!

Ere said...

That’s fine, your makeup sounds very appropriate, fun, and natural at the same time, its not too crazy or anything just don’t use too much blush.
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Nicole said...

I love this look! So pretty!!!

Dye-A-Graham said...

You look beautiful, Ren! And hey, if your hair isn't a hot mess by the end of the night, you did something wrong! hahaha messy, gnarly hair is a true sign that you partied hard!! hahaha What nail color are you wearing? Pretty!

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