Sigma Premium Brush Set Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review!  Today i'll be featuring the much talked about Sigma Makeup Premium Brush set. I've worked with Sigma Makeup in the past and am so excited to see how much their line continues to grow and flourish.  I've been eyeing this set for a while so when I had a chance to test it out, I was stoked.  I gave myself several weeks to try out the set before doing this post because I wanted a really thorough review.

To see my findings, click here!
To see my video review, click here!  I really had to cut it down to make sure the video wasn't uber long, but I give a very thorough review on each brush - both pros and cons.

My First Impressions
I noticed that Sigma has recently changed their shipping packaging.  The brushes are now shipped in a super sleek and efficient black box with the Sigma logo.  It looks very professional and less materials are used, which is a plus for the environment.  The brushes come in the standard leather-like brush roll.  This time around we get 15 new brushes - 7 eye brushes, 7 face brushes, and 1 lip brush.  You also receive the complimentary travel size ss217 with the set (love this brush!).

Washing The Brushes
The first time I washed the brush, there was a normal amount of shedding from the face brushes.  The eye brushes didn't really have any issues.  There was no bleeding for either.  After I let them dry over night I noticed that the pointed shape of many of the brushes was now more splayed and rounded.  Simone from Sigma advised me to keep the plastic brush sleeves on while they dry.  I did and wow, what a difference!  The brushes kept their original shape.  I would even suggest keeping the sleeves on the face brushes while you're storing them as well.  I washed my brushes about 3 more times after that and also spot cleaned them with brush cleanser.  I noticed that there was still a considerable amount of shedding, especially with the larger face brushes.  However, in all of my makeup applications, I never had problems with shedding on my face.  I'm definitely a very thorough brush washer which probably explains the loss of bristles.  I think over time, the shedding will even out.

This brush is a large, dense brush meant for bronzer.  I prefer it for body makeup and overall powder setting.  The handle is a bit shorter which gives you more control.  I did get some shedding out of this brush but it never happened when I applied makeup, only when I washed it.  I'm thinking the shedding will ebb off over time.   In sum, it's very soft and does its job.

This brush is perfect for applying blush.  It's got the right size, it's soft, and the shape is ideal.

This duo fiber brush is amazing for applying face products like primer and moisturizer.  You don't get the streaks of typical foundation brushes and it makes the process go by so much quicker.  The brush has a blush applicator shape which makes it super versatile.

I love this brush! Contouring with this brush is so much more enjoyable.  You don't get harsh lines and the brush is silky soft.  I passed on the MAC version because it was so expensive so I'm glad I was able to get my hands on this baby.  I recommend keeping the plastic sleeve on this brush to keep the pointed tulip shape.

This is the baby sister brush to the 168.  Makes an awesome cheek highlighter, under-eye concealer setter, or defined contour brush.  It's such a great addition to my brush collection.

This is the ultimate concealer brush for larger surfaces.  I actually love it for patting on cheek stain.  The bristles are really dense and you can tell it's a high quality brush.

This is my favorite concealer brush out of all Sigma Makeup brushes.  The size is really good.  I like how it's stiff so that you get really good control out of it.  It's perfect for blending out the concealer you applies under eyebrows.

This is my kind of eyeliner brush.  I use these smaller liner brushes on my clients about 95% of the time.  It's small shape is perfect for getting precise application.  If you really want some awesome eyeliner application, go with this brush.

This brush is a god send for applying eyeliner on older clients.  Take a little bit of eyeshadow and push the bristles into the lash line and you get perfection!  It also makes a great brow brush too.
I really love this innovative little brush.  It makes applying lower lash color so much easier.  The bristles are really dense an really pack on color.  It's dense bristles also make smudging liner a breeze.

This has got to be my favorite brush out of the whole line.  I have to use it every time I do my eye makeup.  The bristles are perfection...just the right amount of density and tapering.

This is a cousin to the 217...the bristles are a little longer which help to apply a looser application of color.  It's awesome for doing a crease transition color.

When MAC released a similar brush, I bought about 4 of them.  I love this as a crease brush for detailed work and smaller eyes.  And the good thing about this brush is that it's not limited edition!

Not only is this brush great for all over lid color...but I'll let you in on a little trick.  You this to blend out a harsh crease and you'll get eyeshadow blended like a pro.

A lip brush is a must-have if you want a perfect lip product application.  I like sigma's version that comes with a little cap.  I think it's more sanitary to the retractable kind.

The set retails for $149.  That's 15 high quality brushes and a brush roll.  If you're serious about stepping up your makeup game, these brushes are a must-have.

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A little birdy told me that Sigma is coming up with even more new brushes, can't wait!

Atlanta Makeup Artist