How To Apply Foundation Like A Makeup Artist - Graftobian Cosmetics

Hi Bellas,

Today's post is part two to my article on Graftobian Foundations and Powders.  As I mentioned in the previous post, these professional grade cosmetics are super versatile and apply flawlessly.  I often get requests on showing how I apply foundation on clients so I decided that it would be appropriate to show you how in this video.

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Considering that I mainly use Graftobian foundations in my kit, it was easy for me to show you how to apply these products.

Check out my video for the live tutorial.

I've also broken down the steps to show you how I typically apply foundation:
1) Start with a clean face.  I usually give my clients a face wipe to wipe off traces of oil, dirt, and product.
2) Moisturize or apply oil control lotion and eye cream if needed.
3) Apply primer then anti-shine if needed.
4) Take your spatula and scoop out a pea sized amount of concealer.  Use a fluffy crease brush to apply concealer to problem areas. Tap in and blend out edges.
5) Use remaining concealer (if needed add a little more) and then mix with moisturizer or mixing medium (I use MAC Face & Body) then stipple over entire face to apply overall even coverage.
6) Set using HD Pro Powders using large powder brush.
7) Contour using HD Pro Powders.
8) Blush and then cheek highlight if wanted.

For skin that needs maximum coverage:
Apply cream foundation to entire face and blend out with damp sponge.  Set with pro powders in a patting motion as to not remove makeup.

For men:
Spot conceal and then buff in HD pro powder over entire face as foundation (most men prefer the powder over the liquid...I think it's psychological, lol).

Here's an after shot of my foundation application.  The picture is completely unedited.  I applied a light to medium coverage.  As you can see, it just makes you look like you have really nice skin which is how foundation should look.

I hope this helps some of you all.  You can use these techniques on yourself or on your clients.  Remember you can check out these products at or the upcoming IMATS show in LA.  I'll be there!

Atlanta Makeup Artist