Sedona Lace Brush Set Review/Giveaway

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I'm back with another giveaway and review.  We're all on the search of high quality yet affordable makeup brushes.  More and more brush companies have sprouted up over the years and it's hard to know which ones are worth the hassle.  As a beauty blogger, I try to do a thorough job of testing and reviewing products so that you all can some direction on your cosmetic purchases.

This time around, I worked with Sedona Lace again to show you one of their newest releases - their brush line.

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First Impressions
The first thing I thought about when I saw these brushes was, "Hmmm, looks pretty similar to Sigma Brushes."  That was actually a good thing because I love Sigma Brushes and these also happen to be cheaper.  However, I'll show you in this review that the brushes actually aren't the same.

The brushes come in a lavendar/pinkish colored brush roll.  I really love when you get a brush roll with a protects your brushes and they're great for storage and travel.  When I do gigs with one client, I'll oftentimes just bring along the one brush set and work out of it.  It's a lot more convenient that way because you don't have to worry about packing certain brushes...this kind of set contains all the brushes you need for a full face application.

I was able to do a couple of tutorials using these brushes...including my recent Kim Kardashian tutorial.

I might just throw in one or two crease brushes if you do advanced makeup application.  The brush roll is a leatherish like material with some decorative veining on it.  The actual brushes have a pink handle and silver ferrule with the Sedona Lace logo imprinted on them.  Personally I love anything pink...but if you're not into it, this is the only color they have for now.

The brushes have a light weight to them but they're not flimsy.  The handles are on the long side which some may or may not like...they don't bother me.  If you want more control, pick up the brush closer to the bristles...for a lighter touch hold it closer to the back of the brush.

Washing The Brushes
I experienced minimal shedding on some of the face brushes.  I shampooed this set about three times and there really isn't any shedding at all more.  The brushes also held up to quick brush cleanser cleanings.  I experienced no bleeding and no weird smells.

Now I'm going to break down the brushes.  They don't have numbers or names but they list the type of brush on the website.

Powder Brush
Nice density, super soft and nicely cut bristles. Great for setting foundation.

Duo Fibre Brush
Nice for applying liquid foundation.  Not quite as dense as some of my skunk brushes but not too flimsy either.  Also great for light application of cheek or highlight color.  Very similar to the Sigma version.

Foundation Brush
Standard foundation brush.  Synthetic bristles are tightly packed and won't absorb too much product saves you from wasting foundation.  Very similar to the Sigma version.

Large Angled Contour Brush
This brush is a lot more fluffy than my MAC version.  You can use it for contour but I prefer it for blush since it's got a bigger head.  I would recommend keeping the plastic sleeve on this one so that it keeps its shape.

Concealer Brush
Really nice synthetic concealer brush with a pointed tip.  Great for reaching tight spots.  Very similar to the Sigma version.

Medium Angled Shading Brush
The angled tip makes this brush great for reaching into the outer v or inner corner of the eye.  I actually prefer these for nose contouring - works great!

Small Angled Brush
I like this brush better for filling in eyebrows than for eyeliner because it's a little on the larger side.  That is, unless you're doing a larger winged liner look aka the cat eye.

Large Shader Brush
I was surprised to see how large this brush was.  It's synthetic and makes applying eyeshadow bases or concealers super quick!

Tapered Blending Brush
This is super similar to the MAC 224.  It's a fluffy, long crease brush.  If you use this brush correctly, it makes you have an amazing color fade on your crease.  Also nice for applying cream concealer.

Pencil Brush
It's always great to have one of these in your collection.  I use them for applying lower lashline color.  It's got more of a tip than the Sigma version which makes it easier to use.  You can also use it for defined crease application.

Eye Shading Brush
Great for packing on lid color.  Dense and nicely cut bristles.  Since it's thick it also helps to blend out edges.  Similar to the SS239.

Eyeliner Brush
This brush actually is better for lips in my opinion.  It's a little too big for eyeliner.  It's also nice for fancy decorative work.

If you want pictures comparing the Sigma vs Sedona Lace brushes, check out Goldie Starling's Blog, she gave a great side by side comparison.

The 12 Brushes and Brush Roll retail for just $49.95.  Say what!  That's such a good deal.  It's nearly half of the price of some of the competitors.  Make sure to use coupon code renren for additional $4 off.  The shipping is also fast and efficient.

These are really nice brushes for the money.  If you're looking for a brush set this is a great investment.  As a makeup artist, I recommend having at least two complete set of brushes so that you can switch in between clients.

You can find these brushes at  While you're there you can also check out their various makeup palettes and new line of mineral makeup.  Have fun!


Now you know I couldn't leave you all without another giveaway right?  Sedona Lace is hooking up another lucky viewer with their own brush set.  Here's how to win:

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FTC Disclosure:  Products sent to me for review.  I am not paid to make this video and not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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