Puffy & Tired Eyes Relief - Eye Dews Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review.  I was contacted by a company to review a product called Eye Dews.  Apparently, a lot of celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have raved about them and I decided to give it a shot.  If you have any kind of dark circles, bags, or fatigue in the eye area, you'll want to check this post out.

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This product is supposed to help reduce swelling, bags, dark circles and signs of fatigue around the eye area.  At first, I thought they were similar to those eye masks you can put in the refrigerator but nope! They are completely different.
Each pack comes with two pairs of these jelly eye patches.  They're actually the consistency of a solid piece of jello if that makes any sense.  They're a tiny bit moist and the jelly substance sticks right onto your eye.  You don't have to refrigerate them which surprised me, you just pop them right on.
I put these to the ultimate test by using them after watching the movie "My Sister's Keeper".  What a tear fest!  Afterwards, my eyes were super puffy and red.  I removed these suckers from the packaging and stuck them on.  I read a book for about 15 minutes and let these eye dews get to work.

First off, as soon as I popped these on, OMG it felt like Heaven!  It felt cool but not too cold, and the jelly texture held onto my eye without me having to lie back.  After about 15 minutes I took these off to inspect the results.  First off, I definitely felt pampered and relaxed.  Secondly, I do think some swelling went down because my eyes didn't feel so puffy.  From the pictures though, you can't really see a difference.

-feels great on
-doesn't fall off
-easy to use
-cool and refreshing

-they're disposable so you can't re-use them
-more of luxury item

You can find these at www.eyedews.com.  They retail for 4 pairs for $20.  If you can, I would suggest to definitely try these at least once because it's such an amazing feeling.  You get the spa experience at a fraction of the cost.  Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist