The Beauty Clique at the Diva's Den!

Hi Bellas,

I'm glad I finally got this video up.  My girls Joy and Leslie from the Beauty Clique (our little makeup group) shot this video Valentine's Day weekend.  I often go to brunch to swap makeup stories with my girls, but it's the first time we all go together to do a gig.  It was a lot of fun...we bonded, did makeup, and talked about the upcoming LA IMATS the entire time, lol.

Click here to see our video and my look for the evening :)

Check out our video!

Joy and Leslie 

If you look closely, we're all rocking Black Beauty Clique shirts we all styled and cut up to suit our own personalities, too bad we didn't get a pic!

Here's my look from the event.  I didn't get a picture of myself with the girls because I was the videographer, he he, but I took a pic of my makeup when I got home.  The lips were originally hot pink but they were gone by then, lol.  However, the bright blue eyes did not fade!  I like doing bright, dramatic looks for these kind of events.  I also curled my hair using my clampless curling iron.  Gotta love big hair!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, my last Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway in this series :)

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