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I am really excited to bring you today's post and video.  I was recently contacted by the Alcone Company, a huge distributor of professional makeup artist products.  They had seen a review of the Beauty So Clean Sanitizing line which I purchased from them and sent me some additional products to try.  Like I said, I've bought from them before so I was familiar with them.  They are similiar to sites like where they retail a lot of items great for makeup artists and afficionados.  Not only do they sell online, but they also have a small boutique located in New York.  They carry a lot of amazing brands from Ben Nye, Beauty Blender, Eve Pearl, Kryolan, Three Custom Color Specialists as well as their own Alcone Brand.

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Most of the items Alcone sent me were actually tools and accessories to prep for and apply makeup.  It's a nice change from reviewing just makeup, but just as important.  Also, I love disposables and these kind of contraptions :)

Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths
$6.00 to $200 (you can buy individually or in bulk)
The Tub of 80 I reviewed is $35
I'm loving how these are all individually wrapped.  This eliminates the problem of wipes drying out.  It's also convenient for travel and you can take as much or as little as you want.  The tub looks super professional and neat on your makeup counter.  In my home studio, all my makeup storage is clear so this fits in really well!  The sheets are pretty large and extremely soft on sensitive skin.  They stretch and never rip or tear.  The makeup remover solution is very gentle with a nice scent and does not irritate.  I've use this on multiple clients and they've all liked it.  I'll never go back to MAC wipes again!

Alcone Non-Latex Sponges 
$2.50 for one block up to $375 (bulk amount of 300 blocks)
These are truly the HG of all makeup sponges in the market.  I've bought these multiple times in the past and you can definitely tell a difference between these and the cheapo ones.  They are sturdier, softer, and can be re-washed. You don't have to worry about crumbling, they're latex free and they are even bio-degradable.  I like to use them wet to sheer out foundation.  They're also great for touching up makeup smudges and giving you straight lines when doing eyeshadow or lipstick.  Total must-have!

When I first saw this product, it definitely solicited an "Ooohhh ahhh".  I love new little contraptions.  In my kit and on myself, I use nail cuticle scissors to trim eyebrows and facial hair.  Sometimes it gets a little dicey and scares clients when I come in with those big scissors. The twissor not only has a super cute name but really does work!  I use it to trim eyebrows and even my boyfriend's mustache and nose-hair (don't worry I disinfected them after with alcohol, lol).  You just squeeze the tiny circular handle to snip and can adjust the screw on the back to make the distance between the blades smaller or bigger.  It's very precise and totally non-scary for use on clients.  I would totally recommend investing in this, such a great invention!

Alcone Face-Matte Oil-Blotting Blue Sheets
$6.00 for 1 case of 50 sheets
Alcone must have been searching through my kit must-haves when they sent me this product.  I always carry blotting sheets with me. They're a much better alternative than using powder for touch up.  Instead of adding product on top, these powder free sheets absorb oil and unwanted shine.  You can use them before or after makeup without fear of disturbing product on your face.  These blue sheets are my favorite kind because they don't crumble and scratch like the paper ones.  I love sticking these in my bridal touch up kits for that "something blue".

Preo Japanese Eyelash Curler
$25, $3 refills
For those of you who have stick-stright thin lashes, I know you must be singing hallelujah for this product.  This is made in Japan and made for those women who have traditionally shorter lashes.  The product is stainless steel and comes with a replacement pad.  You can use this to curl small sections of lashes at a time.  It's even safe for use on bottom lashes!  I love love love them for curling an unruly false lash - top or under lash.  I've had this on my to-buy list for a long time and you can't find them easily everywhere.  Can you tell I'm excited?  Here's a tip, when using for the top lashes, make sure the sponge part is on the bottom to make sure your lash is curled in the right direction.  In the video, you can see how I curl the edges of my false lashes.  Loves!

In sum, all of these products I tested out were professional grade, high quality items that I'd definitely recommend.  They're priced in line for the quality and you can check them out at

FTC Disclosure:  These products were provided by the company for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write the review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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