The Beauty Clique at Bronner Brothers - Live Video & Haul!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another Beauty Clique Vid as well as a haul video.  A few weeks ago I went to my first big beauty Trade Show - the Bronner Brothers Hair Show.  This is the hair equivalent to IMATS and many of the products are also geared to black hair care.  My girls Joy and Lesli accompanied me and we made it another Beauty Clique event.  It was a lot of fun...lots of people...lots of hair products...and even some makeup too.

To see my haul and live video from the event, click here! 
Check out my live video from the Bronner Brothers show with the Beauty Clique!

Check out my haul video!

Here are some of the goodies I picked up.  Most of these items were highly discounted.  Mind you, we paid a $30 one day exhibition ticket which is definitely worth it.

Brushes from Modern Basic.  
Modern Basic is a wholesale/private label company for cosmetics.  Unfortunately unless you have a wholesale license you can't buy from them online...but you can catch them at these trade shows.  I didn't get any makeup but they had a lot!  Instead, I picked up all these brushes for under $20.  They're similar to crown brush.  They do shed...and some of the brushes are kinda scratchy.  However, I liked how they had different brushes than those in the average set and I don't have problems using them on myself.

NYX Cosmetics booth!
This booth was definitely one of the busiest by far.  I would say the Sally Beauty booth was also really busy.  Reason being, this was one of the few large makeup companies at the show.

Here's what I picked up!

These half pair criss cross lashes style EL104 are a really good deal since you get two pairs of lashes in each pack.  After trying them on, I like the way they give you the lift at the corner...but I would definitely recommend picking up an individual lash curler like the one I got from Alcone.  These tend to be a little heavy and can weigh your eye down.

The NYX eyebrow pencil caught my eye.  I love anything to do with brow products.  This is a retractable one that comes with a brush.  The actual brow pencil was a little bit thicker than i'm used to but you can make it work.  The shade auburn was a little too red for me unfortunately.  I'll probably use it in a pinch though!  I also picked up the Jade Candy Glitter liner because the color was just too gorgeous.  I also picked up this bluish purple loose glitter...the pic doesn't give it justice, it's gorgeous in person!  I love wearing glitter on the lid...when done right, it looks fierce!

I saw that NYX now has eyeshadow bases.  I picked up the shade skin tone and actually really like it!  It's comparable to MAC paint pots but dries a little more powdery...I really recommend these.  I also picked up the infamous Jumbo Pencil in milk since everyone uses these to make colors pop.  I used them in a few tutorials and it really does work.  Make sure to wear an eyelid primer under to prevent creasing.

I couldn't get enough of the glitter.  I saw they were selling this entire set of two loose glitters and two candy glitter liners for $6!  I really wanted to get this because the Disco Ball Glitter reminds me of the
MAC 3D glitter which I really want.

Lastly, I picked up a gloss and two blushes.  I notice that even Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario used NYX blushes.  I picked up an orange colored one at Joy's recommendation and then a Mosaic powder.  The blush is a tiny bit chalky but still works well at warming up the skin.  I like how the mosaic powder has a bit more shimmer and pink in it.  I actually prefer to wear these paired with other blushes because on their own they look a little too orange on the skin.  As for the lipgloss, I picked up Frosted Beige and love it!  It's a great nude color and really packs a lot of time I'll pick up more glosses for my personal kit.

That's it for now.  If you want to check these out you can go to  Or wait till a trade show to get them cheaper.  Unfortunately I didn't have the receipt but they were about 25 to 50% off regular prices.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm looking forward to meeting the Beauty Clique on Sunday for some Bubble Tea!

FTC Disclosure:  All items purchased by me.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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