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This is my second review for http://www.sedonalace.com.  This review focuses on the 120 eyeshadow palette. Once again, I've seen this product out there on the market as many companies are retailing this palette. I've used the 88 Warm Palette before and the 96 palette, but not this one so I was interested to test it out.

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First Thoughts
Just like the Concealer Palette, I received the package in the mail within 3 days of ordering it. The amazing packaging and extra care definitely was much appreciated.  I only had one slightly cracked eyeshadow as seen in my picture above...the casualty was the brown shadow in the bottom right corner.  Last time I ordered an 88 palette off Ebay...it took a month for the shipper to send it from Asia.  When it arrived in its padded envelope, at least 10 shadows had fallen out of the palette and there was cracked shadow everywhere!
Not so with this baby :)

What You Get
The palette has 120 eyeshadows:  neutrals, brights, and some mixed pans with two colors combined.  You also get a range of shimmer, matte, and satin.  The pans are actually bigger than that of the 88 palette.  I love how it comes with two matte blacks...because we all know that's the main color you tend to run out of in this type of palette.  

Testing It Out
As far as the quality of shadows...they're pretty much what you would expect out of this palette.  They are super soft so don't drop this on the ground like me or you'll probably get some major shadow breakage.  An eyeshadow base is completely necessary with these shadows to make sure they stick.  They are pretty pigmented but can fade out with too much blending so be careful not to overdo it.  The pat pat pat then blend method works best with these shadows.  If you have any of these stock Asian made palettes you probably knew this already.

Final Thoughts 
In sum, if I had to start over again, I'd probably go with the 120 palette.  It offers the most colors and the pans are bigger.  It's the same quality as the 88 palettes but you get more.  These aren't department store quality shadows, but they're good to have in your collection in order to have an endless color range.  For the value, it's a deal worth checking out.

$28.95 on www.sedonalace.com (I've seen these cheaper on ebay, but again, remember the risk you take.  I ordered from a Hong Kong mass distributor and it took a month to get my palette and a lot of the shadows were broken.  This palette ships quickly out of the U.S. with great packing)

Discount code renren for $4.00 off makes it even cheaper!  Also, the code never expires, awesome!
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