Sanitizing Makeup Miracle - Beauty So Clean Review

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I'm really excited to do this review for you all.  This product applies both to makeup artists and personal makeup users.  How to sanitize your makeup. 

I find myself to be a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to my kit and applying makeup on others.  I use palettes and spatulas for all my cream products.  I never double dip my disposable applicators and I use alcohol with a vengeance.  However, I always found it difficult to sanitize my powder products.

With powder products, bacteria usually doesn't penetrate beneath the top surface of the makeup.  Never spray powder products with alcohol. This will ruin the surface of the shadow by producing a hard, cakey layer that will be difficult to scrape off.  That means, all you have to do is take a tissue and wipe off the top layer of the product in order to sanitize it.   However, when you have dozens of palettes with eyeshadows, blushes and the's hard to get to sanitizing everything.  It gets messy and you go through a lot of tissues...get a lot of makeup dust fall-out and it's overall a mess.  This is me speaking from experience.

In the last year, I heard about the Beauty So Clean products.  It's a spray or wipe that combines sanitizing agents with emollients in order to disinfect your makeup without messing up the surface.  I was so excited to try this out!  I actually purchased the Pro Size Sanitizing Mist and a Travel Size one for my kit.

I have extremely sensitive skin and I'm prone to eye infections and lip irritations.  Those of you who have the same problems or who experience acne breakouts from makeup should pay close attention to this product.  Cleaning your makeup brushes does not ensure that your makeup is clean.  Bacteria transfer from our face to the brush and the well as oils from our fingers.  Sneezing and coughing can also infect your makeup.

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Testing Out the Product
The website states to hold the Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 6 inches from product surface and mist once.  Don't be like me and oversaturate the product thinking it will work better.  You'll just waste the solution and make the makeup sticky.  I tested the product on literally all my powder and cream products.  In the video, I use a blush palette to demonstrate.  I notice that as soon as I sprayed the product, I could see the little droplets on the surface of the blush.  However, within 10 seconds (the recommended drying time) the droplets dry and disappear and the product is good as new.  The spray does not affect the surface of the product or change the color at all.

The website also gives a great example of how your product looks with and without sanitizing. 
Oils from your skin and skincare products ultimately wind up on the surfaces of your makeup, leaving bacteria behind – the results of this oil build-up (glazing) can be seen on this pressed powder.  When this happens, you run a greater risk of experiencing breakouts.  The product is harder to work with because of the glazed surface and you find yourself having to dig the brush into the pan to get it out.  Or you find yourself trying to scrape off the oily residue which makes the finish rough and wastes product.

Using the spray sanitizes your makeup and keeps it looking new. 

I actually purchased the Pro Size sanitizer spray as well as the Travel Size from  I used them for weeks and loved them.  Then I received samples from the company for a review.  Since I've already used the product, I'm giving these to a reader! 

You'll get an 8ml Travel Size Sanitizing mist as well as a few of the cosmetic wipes.  This is amazing for your kit.  You can also keep it in your purse when going to makeup counters or Sephora.  Spray some on makeup testers so you don't have to worry about the bacteria and build up before testing it.
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Product Pricing and Size Info
Pro Size 250ml for $24.99 (best deal)
8ml travel size $12.50
48 sanitizing wipes for $12.50

Hopefully you can catch these products at one of the makeup conventions this year at a discount.  I'll definitely be looking out for them.  You can also purchase them online at or

FTC Disclosure:  I purchased this product with my own money prior to being contacted by the company for a review.  The items for giveaway have been sponsored by the company.  I am not affiliated with this company and have not been paid to write this review.

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