New Blog Layout!

Hi Bellas,

You might have noticed something different when checking in on my blog today...the layout is totally different now!  I've been wanting to change up my blog for a while now.  It was looking a bit dated and juvenile.  I wanted it more streamlined and easier to read.

Last night, the BF hooked me up and fixed it for me.  It helps having a Computer Science major around the house, lol.  Even though it looks different, navigation wise, the elements are still in the same place.  I wanted this done on purpose because sometimes I get alienated when a site I'm used to completely flips the script on me and it's difficult to navigate.  My blog also ties a bit more to my professional Makeup Website which I like.

I still hope to tweak the page a bit, and add a little more flair.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Atlanta Makeup Artist