Finally - Blogger Secret Santa Pics!

Hi Bellas,

Sorry for the delay on getting this pic up, I'm so late!  As you all know, I've had some technical difficulties with the laptop for the last month.  That explains the lack of videos.  Thank goodness, the BF was able to repair it completely as of this weekend.  I can finally get to pictures that I needed to post for a while now.

This year, I was lucky enough to participate in Pam's Blogger Secret Santa.  A lot of us were involved and it went off without a hitch.  I was lucky enough to get a Secret Santa who knew me and read my blog regularly.  Trammie hooked me up!  She really paid attention to my wish list.

Check out the goodies!  It came packaged in the box and I could see the red tin foil stuffing coming out, he he.  But I was good and waited till Christmas to open it...I even brought it home with me to Orlando.

First off, I asked for Asian Cosmetic goodies!  She hooked me up with yummy candies and some face masks and skin care.  I ate all the chocolate treats the next day, lol.  I love Pokey and Koala Yummies!  I also asked for a new wallet with lots of storage.  I had one that my friend got me for X-mas last year, but it got doused in hot pink pen ink and looked a hot mess.  She hooked me up with one in my favorite color and I'm using it to this day!  It has plenty of room for cards, cash and receipts - gotta love it!

She also hooked me up with some MAC brush cleanser - thank goodness!  I tried making my own homemade brush cleanser but it just doesn't work as well.  The Sephora brush cleanser isn't that great either.

I also got a super cute purple eyeshadow palette from Napoleon Perdis.  I'm going to try to do a look with it for you guys.  Gotta love anything in a palette!  This is my first time trying the brand and so far so good!

Thanks again to my Secret Santa Trammie!