Monday, November 30, 2009

Beyonce Video Phone - Pin-Up Look

Hi Bellas,

I'm back to work after a nice, long weekend celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US.  My Holiday went really boyfriend's fam stayed over and enjoyed themselves.  I was so relieved that everything went was my first time hosting a Thanksgiving feast and meeting the BF's grandma.  Success!

I wanted to share with you some pics of the look I created for the Elle Bang Brush Review video.  I was inspired by Beyonce's new video "Video Phone".  It's not an exact replica of Beyonce's look in the video since honestly I didn't get a good look at it except for the few seconds they focused in on her face.  Rather, this is more of a take on the pin-up look.  I purposely apply a lighter foundation to the center of my face in this look to mimic the "lighter foundation" look that Beyonce did in the video (did you all see how she looked about 3 shades lighter in her red lipstick scenes?).  I noticed that this is a trick that Rihanna's makeup artist uses as well.  I probably wouldn't do that too much in real life though because my skin looks a little too pale in pics. 

Recently I've been into the matte, nude, eyeshadow look with lots of liner.  I just love the way mattes look since they come off so clean and opaque.  The look is actually pretty simple, just make sure you pack on the shadows and get precise with that liner.

Time for Pics!

Here's What I Used (All MAC Unless Otherwise Stated):
-Face Atelier Ultimate Foundations
-Ben Nye Banana Powder
-Fun and Games beauty powder plush (Hello Kitty Collection)
-Shadester sculpting powder
-Accentuate shaping powder
-Soft & Gentle MSF

-Steelo Cosmetics eyeshadow base in medium
-gesso e/s
-blanc type e/s
-warm brown e/s
-Jordana liquid liner
-Bliss #76 lashes
-Anastasia lifting mascara
-Steelo Brow Pencil in Earth Brown and Cork e/s on brows

-cherry lip pencil
-Classic Dame mattene (a recent Temptalia post inspired me to break out this amazing product)

If you haven't signed up for the Elle Bang Brush Giveaway, make sure to enter here!  I'll announce the winner on Friday.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


Vanilla said...

love this look !
esp ur eotd!hehe

Mayra said...

aww man! yes back to work for a lot of us! glad to hear everything went well with the family. Nice post I like red lipstick I want a look like this for the New Year celebration!

Nina said...

I wish MAC would bring back this lipstick! So sad I missed out on it.
Fantastic look! I love this eye makeup as well. I am really into the winged liner.

Latindolll4 said...

I love this look !
Beautiful :) Great job ! I was dying for a tutorial on this look since" video phone" came out so THankS !

Ms.Jenn said...

OMG! I'm speechless I loveee it!

Ethereal Prey said...

can't go wrong with pin up girl look these days! but totally not feeling the video phone video at all, trying to change her look to be more like gaga, kinda weird.

Louzee said...

Hmm...That is a nifty trick. I might try that lighter foundation thing sometime. Thanks RENphrodite! You're so observant. People can learn a lot from you!

~Kymmy~ said...

Love it! The lighter foundation trick looks good on u.

Elizabeth said...


Marte said...

Loooove it :)

misshollyrose said...

Beyonces WHOLE pinup look was amazing!!!!