Wedding Updo

Hi Bellas,

This is a quick post I wanted to share with you.  About a month ago, many of you probably know that I was a bridesmaid in my BFF's wedding.  I didn't have any good hair shots to show you back I wanted to show you my updo.

The hairstylist was excellent...he knew how to deal with a variety of hair textures.  Oftentimes, my hair doesn't hold well in updos because it's really thick and slippery.  He solved that problem by curling the entire thing with his little egyptian clicking hair curler thing-a-majig, and then placing it into several pony tails to hold the weight.  He then pinned and pinned and sprayed and sprayed.

Here's the back.

The side view.  I like how he gave me a little poof at the top so that I don't feel bald lol.
For the front he did a little swirl to the side.  My hair lasted the entire night...even through the soul train line and furious fight for the bouquet. 

That's all folks!