Fragrance Review: YSL Parisienne

Hi Bellas,

Today will be my first time reviewing a fragrance. Recently, I was sent the new YSL Parisienne perfume to test out. At first, I was a little wary. I'm very sensitive to perfumes and colognes due to a history of asthma and allergies...anything too strong makes me dizzy and gives me a headache. However, I was definitely willing to try it out.

I had heard about this perfume...I read an article about it in Marie Claire and saw the super sexy Kate Moss commercial. Apparently, this scent is supposed to be a mix of floral and woodsy with hints of blackberry, sandalwood, and damask rosk. Interestingly enough, the article I read stated that this perfume was supposed to be a reflection of a night out on the town with that sexy someone...then comes the overnight/sleepover portion wink wink, and the day after. We call it the "walk of shame" but Parisiennes apparently walk with pride and freeness and enjoy the memories that linger the day after. The fragrance is aimed not at Parisiennes, but for women longing to be adopted by Paris. You gotta watch the commercial, super sexy! If this fragrance makes me feel like a leather clad Kate Moss riding on the back of a motorcycle in the streets of Paris, I'm willing to give it a go!

My Testing Experience
As soon as I opened the box, I liked the packaging. It's very sophisticated with a prism like cut to the lavendar colored glass bottle. I definitely wouldn't mind putting this on top of my vanity. I like to spray a few spritzes in my hair so that the scent lasts longer. To me, the scent was floral and rosey but with an edge of fruit and exoticness. I'm used to liking girly, fruity sweet smells...but I actually really liked this. It's more mature but still fresh and definitely sexy. It's not like anything else out there on the market. The scent lasts a good while and even seems to change and evolve over time. I knew the boyfriend loved it because he couldn't stop sniffing me! He kept saying, "Look at you smelling like a grown woman!" LOL! This is also very reasonably priced ranging from $39 to $85 depending on the size. I would definitely recommend testing this one out.

Atlanta Makeup Artist