Elle Bang Brush Review and Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

I was recently contacted by fellow blogger, Linda, with the request to review her new brush line.  She has developed a company called Elle Bang and line of brushes called Confidential.  I have reviewed quite a few brands of brushes in the past, so I was up to the challenge.

Check out my video review!

Per Linda, she worked directly with a brush designer and manufacturer to select brushes that would appeal to both makeup artists and makeup junkies.  This isn't just a regular brush set that you can buy from any wholesaler on ebay.

She sent me the 21 piece Professional Grade Natural Fiber Cosmetic Brush Set ($105) as well as a her favorite brush - the hot pink kabuki ($13).

First Impressions
Brush Roll
When I first opened my package, I was excited to see that the brushes came in a really nice brush roll.  It has a leather like material which I love because that means it's durable and easy to clean.  I'm not a huge fan of canvas/cloth brush rolls because they get dirty too easily.  I also like how it folds with a magnetic clasp-this will make sure your brushes stay protected.  I have a brush roll that comes with a string tie...and it's harder to close and bulkier to pack...this kind is better.

When I opened the brush roll I was amazed at how many brushes there were.  I was like a little kid in a candy store.  Also, each brush was individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve along with it's own plastic brush guard.  This is a good sign - means that the brushes are coming to you new and the bristles are being protected.  As I examined the brushes more closely, a few things caught my eye.  They have the typical black wooden handles and silver ferrules.  The brushes are put together well...no signs of rough craftmanship (which I've noticed on a few coastal scent brushes in the past).  The bristles are all different colors depending on the brush...some are all black, some white, some are speckled brown and some are red brown.  This was very different for me since I'm used to seeing mainly black, white, or brown.

Here are some up close glances at the brushes in their sleeves.

 Here is a shot of the Hot Pink Kabuki that Linda also sent.  I love the color!  It's also very round and full which I liked.  Some kabukis from brush websites are too thin and fluffy for my taste...this one is rounded and dense, thumbs up!

Washing and Cleaning the Brushes
Like with all new brushes, I shampooed and conditioned these.  At first, I did notice a faint odor...those of you who have used Coastal Scent brushes in the past might know what I'm talking about.  It's pretty much a weird reaction that happens when these natural fiber brushes are wet.  After I used conditioner on the bristles though, I noticed the scent faded away.  I washed these brushes another two times and the smell was no longer an issue.  I also did a few quick cleans with brush cleanser.  There was very little shedding and bleeding - thumbs up!

Here's a pic of these brushes after they've been washed the first time.

Using the Brushes
I've definitely put these brushes to the test by using them for several weeks.  Most of all, I'm loving the variety of brushes in this set.  If you're a makeup junky, you'll appreciate the ten plus eye brushes in the kit.  I also love how this set has a fan brush - yay!  If you've never used a fan brush to apply blush you're definitely missing out - it gives an airbrushed look that you can't emulate with a regular blush brush.  I definitely have a few favorites in the set and some that I don't use at all.  They included a sponge eyeshadow applicator brush in there - I don't like these brushes for eyeshadow...I think that this brush was almost a "filler" for the brush slot.  The face brushes are very very soft.  I was excited to see not one, but two blending crease brushes in the set.  These are a must have for me.  However, I noticed that they are a bit scratchy on the eye and tend to get misshapen with use.  They still work pretty well but could probably be improved.  I'm loving the various types of eyeliner brushes they include the in the kit - great for you gel liner users out there!  Make sure to watch the video review where I go over my thoughts on each brush in the kit.

After a pretty thorough review, I've come up with my Pros and Cons:

-Comes with a really nice brush roll that is large and easy to clean
-Most of the brushes are very soft
-Such a great variety of brushes - especially eyeshadow brushes
-great value for the number of brushes and brush belt
-nice appearance to the brushes - well made
-certain brushes in the kit are unique...not the generic eye brushes you find in any eyeshadow kit

-the blending eyeshadow crease brushes are scratchy
-not the softest brushes I've ever used
-random sponge tip applicator brush in the set
-bristles smell a little bit when you wash them for the first time (but this went away)
-only available online - the website seems pretty rudimentary, hopefully it can handle an influx of buyers!

Would I Recommend?  Definitely.  If you're looking for a brush set for every single use possible, this is it.  It's not dirt cheap, but definitely affordable.  I would be worried if this brush set was cheaper because then you might as well go on ebay and order a wholesale brush set with questionable quality.  I find myself reaching for these brushes when I do my makeup because the set offers everything I need.  If you're a makeup junkie/or freelance artist like myself, you'll appreciate the variety of different brushes offered in this set.  It's definitely not the typical brushes with the same boring brushes - for this fact alone I would suggest giving yourself this eary holiday present :)

Side note:  Linda recently sent me a few of the individual brushes in the line as well...whoa mama!  These bad boys are amazing.  They're more expensive but the quality is really great.  I'll probably do a blog post on them later when I've had time to test them out.

With the Holidays coming up we all need a little help.  Linda from Elle Bang has generously offered a 15% discount to all Makeup By Ren Ren readers, yay!

The website is ready for your promotional code of "Renren" at the following URL: http://www.ellebang.com/RenRen.html

Instructions for Using the Coupon Code
From there, you will need to fill out the form with the promotional code and you will be redirected to the page where you can purchase sets at a discounted rate of 15% off. This promotional page is not accessible through the website (there is no link on the website so you MUST go directly through the above URL). Everything from cosmetic sets, brushes, to accessories can be purchased through this page.

Brush Set Giveaway!

I always try to include my viewers in on the goodies, and was delighted when Elle Bang agreed to sponsor a prize for you all. 

Prize:  One lucky reader will be receiving the 16 piece Synthetic Brush set with 4 blending brushes ($77.00 Value).

***Picture Credit to www.ElleBang.com

How To Win:
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  • Follow my blog, hit the gray "FOLLOW" button at the top right of the screen
  • Be a resident of the US
  • Leave a comment on this entry telling me why you'd like to win
I'll announce the winner on Friday, November 4th.  I will choose the winner at random but will verify that you follow both of our blogs in order for you to win. Good luck!

I will be spending Thursday and Friday with my Boyfriend and his family for Thanksgiving so Makeup By Ren Ren will take a mini hiatus but will be back with more posts on Monday.  Have a great Holiday!