Clarisonic Dupe? Sun Body Polisher & Self-Tan Remover Review

Hi Bellas,

I was recently given the opportunity to review a new product from BeautyChoice.Com.  They sent me the Sun Body Polisher & Self-Tan remover.  Immediately I thought...hmmm could this be a clarisonic dupe?  I tested it for a few weeks.

Check out my video review below!

Product Information
  • This product requires 4 AA batteries to use
  • It comes with 4 changeable heads that easily snap on:  pumice stone, facial buffer (sponge), large body brush, and small facial brush
  • Has an on/off switch with a spinning head that has one speed
  • Retails for $25.95 on
  • Note:  Do not use on active acne or facial lesions...nor on the eyes or mouth.
Testing It Out
  • Facial Brush - I first tried out the facial brush with my regular face wash - Jan Marini's Bioglycolic Facial Wash.  I noticed that the bristles were too hard on my face for daily use.  It left a little rash from where it was too abrasive.  If you have very sensitive skin like me, use very light circular motions and stick to once a week use for deep exfoliation.
  • Large Body Brush - This is a nice, sturdy brush big enough to use on the body.  I used it with my Jan Marini Bioglycolic Body Scrub.  Make sure to apply the product onto the bristles before it's on to prevent product splashing everywhere.  It worked really well and cut the exfoliation time dramatically.  I really liked this part.  I also tested out how well it removed Self-Tanning Lotion - it works!
  • Facial Buffer/Sponge - The kit provides a circular facial sponge which is supposed to massage the face and aid in the absorbtions of creams and serums.  This head seemed silly to me...the porous sponge can only be used a few times before becoming contaminated.  I could do without this one.
  • Pumice Stone - This is what I would expect from a pumice stone.  Used on the feet, it can soften dry and rough patches.  The stone itself is rounded and fairly smooth, so don't expect intense exfoliation...more of a softening of any calluses.

  • very affordable
  • body buffer brush is amazing
  • multiple heads
  • offers deep exfoliation
  • would have preferred a rechargeable base as opposed to batteries
  • the facial bristles are a little too rough
  • pumice stone and facial sponge are nice add-ons, but not amazing in themselves
Would I Buy Again?  At first this product seemed like something I wouldn't traditionally buy, but the body buffer portion sold me.  If you use self-tanner, exfoliation is necessary to make sure you get an even application of color - trust me I know from experience!  This makes the exfoliation process so much quicker and easier.  If you're also like me and you've always wanted to try something similar to the infamous Clarisonic, it's not quite the same but it's an affordable option.

Hope this helped!  You can check out this product yourselves here