Sigma Makeup Brushes - Travel Set Review & Giveaway

Hi Bellas,

I've been so lucky to be in contact with Seymone of Sigma Makeup Brushes. I recently got to try out their new travel sets - Naught in Black and Pretty in Pink. Recently, a lot of videos have come up on the web talking about Sigma Makeup Brushes. Let me preface my review with saying, I want to be completely honest in my review of these because I believe in being an unbiased beauty blogger.

First off, Sigma does such a cute job on packing their brushes. They always come in these beautiful cloth sacks. There are also professional post cards printed in each bag.

These brushes are amazing quality for the price. From the everyday makeup user to the Professional Makeup Artist, these are a great addition to your kit. For comparison purposes...they are a lot better than brushes that you'd find on sites like Coastal Scents. This is because these brushes are not mass produced and resold overseas. Instead, Seymone and her team have researched, tested and developed all of their products on their own. These travel sets come in two options: Nice in Pink Set and Naughty in Black Set.

Nice in Pink Set

Naughty in Black Set

I washed my brushes. They held up pretty well. There was a bit of shedding on the SS150 and SS168. A little bit of shedding is normal in the beginning so hopefully this will diminish over time.

Check out my video review on the Sigma Makeup Travel Sets

Immediately I notice that the travel brushes look almost identical to the full set of Sigma Brushes except for the fact that the handle is shorter. This is surprising because often times, travel sets have lower quality than their full size counterparts.

The only major differences I noticed between the full size and travel size brushes are the following:

-The mini SS150 is smaller than the regular version. This doesn't bother me because the full size bristles w0uldn't be practical to travel with.

-The bristles of the mini SS219 are a little stiffer than the regular version. I actually like this better! It gives you a more precise line...especially for applying shadow to the lower lashline.


-I love the quality of the brush roll. It's a leather like material with an internal magnetic clasp. There is a brush flat to protect the bristles and a zipper pocket for more storage. This is definitely high quality stuff. I compared it to my Billy B Brush Roll which was a cheap canvas fabric.

-The brushes are pretty much the same as the regular sacrifices in quality. Even the handles have a bit of weight to them - that's a good thing! It shows quality. I was able to use these brushes and have the exact same outcomes as with the regular brushes.


-The only con I have is that the mini SS168 tends to shed. It's normal for brushes to shed in the beginning (some of my MAC brushes still shed) but I hope this diminishes over time. Also, this brush is too soft and fluffy to really act as a contour brush. If anything, I'd use it for a sheer application of blush.

Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert!!!

Seymore of Sigma Makeup Brushes has armed me with several brush sets to give away! I'll be doing Friday Giveaways. Each Friday, I'll either announce a giveaway on my YouTube, Twitter, or on this blog. The best way to keep track is to follow or subscribe me on all three. I'll most likely ask you to post a comment and will pick a winner.

For today's giveaway, I'm giving away one of Sigma's Travel Brush sets!

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I'll announce the winners on Monday. Good luck!

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