Graftobian Airbrush Foundation Tutorial & Haul

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I'm back with another one of my favorite professional makeup brands - Graftobian. This time around, I tried out a bunch of their airbrush equipment and makeup. This gave me the opportunity to test out a new machine and a new line of airbrush makeup. I also turned it into a tutorial, showing you how to airbrush foundation.

Graftobian Walk Around Airbrush System

$299 comes with either 3 HD Sampler packs or 5 Full Sized F/X Aire colors

The Grafobian Walk-Around system is made for makeup artists who need a more compact and mobile airbrush system. Having this has made my travleing makeup game so much better. This airbrush system is a quarter of the size and weight of my current temptu system. This means 1) Less space taken up in my traincase 2) less strain on my back and arms. Prior to having this, I had to make a lot of room for traveling gigs in my traincase for my cumbersome airbrush system. I also had to always make sure I was near an electric outlet in order to airbrush. The Graftobian Walk Around Airbrush system has solved these problems. The compact system comes with a charger but you can also use it on battery power alone...meaning you don't always need to set up your makeup near an outlet - score!

The system did take a little bit of reorientation. The Airbrush Gun is a single action system instead of dual action like i'm used to. This means that when you turn on the pressure, you immediately feel air coming out the nozzle - pulling back on the trigger will dispense the foundation. A Dual Action is a little different - You push down to get air, and back to spray foundation. Also, the PSI control is on the actual airbrush gun and not the compressor. Takes a little getting used to but it still works just as well.

In my video tutorial I show you how to apply Graftobian's airbrush foundation using their GlamAire makeup and Walk Around system. I also show off their amazing blush palette. The GlamAire airbrush makeup matches perfectly with their cream foundation palettes. Love that! In the picture above, you'll see how the HD Sampler pack comes with a palette of 5 cream foundations and 5 coordinating airbrush colors - what a great combo! The formulas blend together so you can do some conceal and prep work beforehand. Note, you can't use just any foundation or concealer under airbrush. The fact that Graftobian coordinate these products makes life so much easier.

Check out the video for a tutorial. I go into detail about the machine, makeup and application.

Part 1 - Learn how to operate the machine and prep your skin for airbrushing

Part 2 - Learn how to apply the airbrush makeup and powder products on top

PRO Pencils (Not mentioned in the video)
This is a brand new eye pencil just revealed in May 2009 in New York. They are handmade in Italy and amazing at that! At 15cm long, these pro pencils are a lot longer than your average pencil liner - more bang for your buck! These liners are unbelieveably rich and creamy. Even more so than my beloved MAC kohls. You never have to worry about these tugging on your delicate eye skin. I also love the vibrant colors. Some liners don't give me the inky black look or deep brown I want from a liner - these do. The only comparison I can think of is comparing Graftobian's Black Velvet pro liner to MAC's limited edition Feline pencil. I swatched for you Black Velvet, Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Bean. These kohl liners are definitely meant for smudgy smokey looks, not so much long wear. I would definitely wearing a primer under them and setting them with a coordinating eyeshadow to prevent smudging. My lids tend not to be oily but these creased on me - after setting with powder though, I was good to go. If you're into super dark, creamy liner, I recommend at least Black Velvet. These are a steal at $6.99.

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Now for the fun stuff...playing with these new products is like a kid in a candy store. I love speciality makeup items.

Silver and Gold Cosmetic Powdered Metal
Ever wonder how makeup artists paint models in all gold or silver for that really cool statue look for music videos and parties? Or turn them into Greek Gilded goddesses? I never knew it was so simple as using Graftobian's Cosmetics Metal Powder. These are like extra large pigment jars. I swatched it on my hand with one quick dab on my finger and look how amazingly pigmented they are! This is also dry without a base. The texture of these powders is also super velvety - not your average chalky, dry pigment. To paint your model, you can mix these powders with Graftobian's Mixing and Lining Liquid and then sponge them on. You can also use these in liquid form in your airbrush gun. The formula can also be transferred onto hair. To make this last, you can use a makeup setting spray like Graftobian's MagicSet Setting Spray. These come off easily with regular soap and water. I can imagine using these for some Halloween tutorials - Oscar/Academy Award, The Tin Man, the possibilities are endless! For $6.49 you can get a jar of the silver and pay $1 more for the gold.

For normal makeup use, you can use these as loose shadows. This is enough product to last you a lifetime. Like I said, they go on way more velvety and pigmented than regular pigments too. This would also look really great to give you that metallic liner look - just wet your brush with lining liquid, dip into the powder and apply.

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Glitter Glam Liquid Skin Sparkle
When I first swatched the Glitter Glams, my first reaction was OMG, I'm in glitter Heaven! The picture swatches give it absolutely no justice. If you like glitter, these are a must have. These beat any other glitter liner or product hands down. These are a water based, alcohol free product. Each glass container contains a nail polish type of brush, and you can brush on the liquid mixture of glitter. The glitter concentration is out of this world! These are totally skin safe so you can use these on your face, eyes and lips. I only swatched 3 but these come in 13 amazing colors.

Letting my imagination go wild, I can imagine placing the Ruby Sunrise on top of Red Lipstick for an amazing Dorothy/Wizard of Oz Banging Red Lip. You can also coordinate these glitters on top of eyeshadows for super disco eyes. This product is so much more convenient than worrying about loose cosmetic glitters. You don't need any type of mixing medium or glitter glue since it's a liquid product. These come at $7.59 a bottle and will last forever.

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I hope you enjoyed my haul. I plan on doing more tutorials using these products, stay tuned. Ub the meanwhile, you can check these out at

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