Caress "Evenly Gorgeous" Review

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to give you a quick review on one of the yummiest products on the market. Caress has just released a new line called "Evenly Gorgeous" - featuring an exfoliating beauty bar and body wash.

I myself, am a "Bar of Soap" girl when it comes to keeping it clean in the shower. I paired this new product with a washcloth and got to testing.

First off, the scent is amazing. It smells like you're in a pastry shop when you're using this in the shower. The sugar and caramel scent mixed with the steam of the shower is heaven. This bar is also different in that it features exfoliating beads embedded directly into the soap. You know I love those multi-use products!

-smells absolutely amazing!
-more moisturizing than the typical bar soap
-exfoliating beads are a plus
-affordable and easily available

-i'm not sure if I noticed the beads doing any extra exfoliating

In all, the scent and moisturizing qualities alone would definitely make me buy this again.

For the body wash, I gave this to my bestie to review. She's definitely a body wash type of gal. For Christmas I always get her sugar/dessert scented body washes from more pricey brands like Philosophy. I wanted to see how this popular drug store brand would hold up.

Her thoughts:

Pros: It has a great fragrance, good lather, and I really like the exfoliating beads. I had a clean and fresh feeling after showering :o)

Cons: I can't really think of any cons..probably b/c I've been buying the brand for a while lol.

As you can see, even compared with pricier brands like Philosophy, this body wash holds up. It smells absolutely great and is even better on the wallet. My bestie is a loyal user of Caress products as I can see why. Now I can save some cash getting her those pricey body washes!

Check these out in the body wash/soap aisle of your local supermarket.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist