Pro Silk Flat Iron & Serum Review

Hi Bellas,

I had the opportunity to try out the ProSilk flat iron. I've tried out quite a few flat irons from cheap to expensive so I wanted to put this product to the test.

This flat iron comes from the ProSilk Salon...a professional resource for those in the hair care industry. I took a look at their catalog and these products are indeed for hair care professionals. They have everything from salon chairs, aprons, to hair cutting scissors to bobby pins.

Here are the product claims:

  • Heats up in 7 seconds
  • Automatic Sensor Control System
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Preserves Moisture and Shine to give smooth silky hair and provide volume
  • Eliminates damaging hot spots
  • Scratch resistant ionic plate
  • instant heats up to 435 degrees fahrenheit
  • 9ft swivel cord
I tested this out and immediately noticed a few things.
  • First off, it's lined in a black velvet. I really like this so that the metal won't be as hot to the touch on the outside and burn my bathroom counter! The only thing that I could see going wrong with it though, is that the velvet can end up catching lint or hair product and looking dirty after a while.
  • It also feels a lot more heavy duty than my previous flat irons.
  • The plates are scratch resistant which is definitely a plus.
  • This flat iron only took a few seconds to heat up and it definitely got hot! It got my hair super straight and the hair did not snag on the plates.
  • This curling iron is 1 inch with slightly rounded corners...this makes it work really well for curling your hair as well. I can definitely see professional using it in a salon because it really straightens hair quick and effectively.
  • It retails for $79.95 which isn't actually too bad for a high quality flat iron.
For my bestie's wedding rehearsal we're dressing in Sari's to reflect her Indian/Arabic roots. She wants our hair super bone straight and this little tool will definitely come in handy!

ProSilk Silk Serum
When using a super hot flat iron, Pro Silk recommends this serum to provide protection from heat and split ends. Reminds me of Biosilk because it has the smooth, silky feel. I really love how this smells like candy! I prefer this smell to Biosilk and Chi...which have heavily perfumed scents.
Retails for $19.95 - I find that these kind of serums are always on the expensive side...i've tried cheaper versions from wal-mart but they're always too sticky and not as good. I'd compare this in price point and quality to Chi Silk Infusion.

This is a great resource if you do hair professionally or if you want high-grade hair care products. You can check them out at If you're a regular person like me, though, this site may not be for you since you have to have a minimum $200 purchase to buy from this supplier.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

Atlanta Makeup Artist