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I recently had the opportunity to try out an amazing line of makeup brushes. I haven't been excited about brushes like this in a while. You may have seen other gurus like Enkore and Makeup By Tiffany D review these, but I wanted to give this my own take. I used these brushes multiple times and washed them thoroughly to put them to the test. I was truly impressed! If you really want to invest in your makeup game, these brushes are a great investment and a steal! Think MAC quality brushes for drugstore prices.

For those of you who don't know, they are very similar to MAC brushes...they even have the same number identifying the brush. However, some of the brushes do vary a bit between the two. One thing is certain - these are a heck of a lot cheaper!

You can go to or to check them out.

You can buy them individually or in sets. Buying them in sets is actually way more economical.

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The best deal is actually 12 brushes for $64

Or you can get 12 brushes plus a brush roll for $79.

If you travel with your brushes, this is actually a really nice brush holder to have. I brought this with me for a smaller gig and it definitely came in handy.

The quality of these brushes is very impressive. The handles and ferrules are very secure and polished. I washed these brushes by hand twice and used brush cleanser on them multiple times. There was a little bit of shedding with some of the face brushes but this is normal...over time it should diminish.

Check out my video reviews:

Part 1 Face Brushes

Part 2 Eye Brushes

For those of you who can't watch the video, check out my individual reviews of each brush below. I gave a quick run through of the uses of the brush, my overall opinion, and a comparison with the MAC version.


SS275: This brush can be used to apply eyeshadow flat to the lid. You can also place the diagonal end into the crease. Use it on its tip to apply highlight color. I mostly use it to apply contour color to the nose. It's very similar to the MAC 275 but this one is cheaper.

SS266: This small angle brush is very stiff and precise. Use it to apply gel liner or to fill in your brows. I like the stiffness especially for getting brow color on. It's a lot stiffer than the MAC can't really compare them because they're very different. I still like using the MAC 266 to cut the crease...the flexible bristles let me do more shading.

ss252: This flat brush is good for packing on eyeshadow color. Use it on its tip to apply the highlight color or even to smoke out the lower lashline. The stiffness makes it also good for blending out crease color by using a drag out method. The denseness of the brush also makes it a good tool for applying cream or liquid bases to the lid. I don't have the MAC 252 to compare, but I'm glad to have this one.

ss239: This flat shader brush is a must have for any eyeshadow application. Use it to pack on color to the lid. The small shape makes it good to even stick in the crease, lower lashline or highlight area. It's actually pretty different than the MAC 239. The bristles are brown instead of white, and are a bit more dense than the MAC version. To be honest, they're pretty different but can both be used for the same purposes.

SS224: This dome shaped blending brush is great for a wash of color in the crease. The loose bristles apply a light layer of color and do really well at blending. I also love using this brush to apply and buff in concealer. In comparison with the MAC 224, this one is actually a bit shorter and more dense...I prefer that since it gives you more control in blending.

ss219: This pencil brush is ideal for applying color to the lower lashline. Use it also for a cut the crease look or for drawing in your outer v. It's not as firm as the MAC 219. I actually prefer the MAC one for getting more specific, tight application of color. To get the Sigma version to be more precise, use a light touch and focus on the tip.

ss209: This synthetic fine tipped brush makes it ideal for applying gel liner. You can also use it to apply lip color. I haven't tried it with gel liner since I mainly use liquid liner and the applicator that comes with it. However, I really like this for applying bold lip colors. I don't have the MAC one to compare.


SS194: This synthetic brush is perfect for applying cream based products, particularly concealer. I like this one better than the MAC version because this one has a better shape. While the MAC one is thin and narrow, this one is a bit wider and comes to a point at the tip. This allows for more speicfic application of concealer in tight places.

ss190: This filbert shaped synthetic brush is typical for foundation application. The bristles are finely tapered and smooth to the touch. It's very similar to the MAC version but this one is way more affordable.

SS188: This duo fiber brush is made smaller than the 187 in order to fit into tighter spaces. It's dense enough to be used for foundation but is also great for applying blush. The bristles allow for a lighter applicator of color so this is perfect for those brighter blushes. The sigma version is a little bigger than the MAC one, which I prefer.

SS187: This duo fiber brush is a bit bigger than the 188 and is known for giving an airbrush application of foundation. I use it to dot in liquid foundation but you can also use this for powder products. The brush and handle is a bit bigger than the MAC version. I find that it's not quite as stiff as the MAC version, but it doesn't take away from it's ability to apply foundation. Some other duo fibre brushes in the market lack denseness completely, but this one has just the right amount.

ss182: The kabuki brush is a must have for applying mineral foundation. Its dense bristles really give you maximum coverage. I love using this with my MSF natural. It makes a huge difference over using a regular powder brush. You can also use this to buff out an over-application of blush, bronzer or contour color. I don't have the MAC one to compare.

SS168: This angled brush is typically used for contouring. The angled tip makes it fit directly into the hollows of the cheeks. This brush is also super soft. I also like it for applying blush. The MAC version in my opinion is a bit smaller so it fits better into the cheeks for contouring. Just use this one with a lighter touch and you'll get the same results.

SS150: Everyone needs a fluffy powder brush in their collection. Use this for applying powder to set foundation and touch up. It can also be used for a light application of powder or bronzer. The size also makes this good for applying product to the body. I like this one a lot better than my MAC's way softer and sheds less.

In sum, this is the best deal for brushes I have ever come across. They are MAC quality and the price is a steal! I definitely recommend getting the full set because you save a lot more money that way. Bottom line - Don't waste your money at MAC now that you have sigma as an option.

Stay tuned, I'm planning on giving a set away to one of my readers. I'm announcing a contest very soon!

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