Savannah Trip Pics

Hi Bellas!

Last night was the MAC event for the Makeup Artists Collection preview. It was jampacked full of makeup junkies and I got home and was pooped! LOL. That's why I'll be waiting to film the video tonight. Meanwhile, I still haven't posted these pics from my 4th of July Trip to Savannah with the BF.

Not really makeup related, but take a looksy!
Weird lady giving us the ghost tour. Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in the US. The ghost tour was a rip off though...snooze fest.

They told us that if you take pictures in this haunted house we went too, you might be able to catch a ghost on camera. My BF swears that in person, you couldn't see the face of the women in the window on the left. But the camera picked it up. I'm not sure if he imagined that though, lol.

Another ghost tour guide. He liked to bang that stick to make loud noises and scare us.

Here I am with my Sex on the Beach drink at Wet Willies. It was so yummy! I don't usually even get that at the bar, but this one was so good. Savannah is one of the few cities that let's you walk on the street with open cups of alcohol.

Here's my BF trying to be cute by drawing Ren Heart Mike on a store window :)

Night number 2 at Wet Willies! lol I'm rocking a smokey eye using Stars Makeup Haven Single Shadows. No lashes because the wind was making my eyes tear up...they would have blown right off!

In front of the "haunted mansion". Yah, just because you turn off the lights in a house doesn't make it scary.

Okay okay, I was a little bit scared in the beginning.

BF and I on the Ghost Tour trolley. It was hot on that bus, good thing for those fans.

Now this is what I'm talking about! We can to Savannah knowing we would pig out on some sea food.

Fiddlers Crab shack is an affordable and great place for seafood lovers.

We also went to Tybee Island for a day on the beach. My BF took this picture through his sunglasses to give it that blue filter look. Too bad someone stole his sunglasses off the beach that same day, lol. When we were waist deep in the water, I saw fins about 10 feet away! I freaked out thinking they were sharks, but there was a group of dolphins!

Foot shot!

Crazy faces time! We're corny...

Inside our hotel room at the Hilton Desoto. It was pretty nice and conveniently in the middle of Historic Downtown. I would recommend!

Thanks for reading guys!

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