Birthday Recap - Pics and Makeup Looks!

Hi Bellas!

Thank you to everyone for sending me birthday wishes last week. It made me feel so special! Last Wednesday was my birthday and it was a few days of celebration. Of course with this being a beauty blog, I had to share my makeup looks along the way.

Wednesday, June 24th was my actual birthday. The boyfriend and I did a quick gym workout and headed to Chilis so I could get some healthy food off of their Guiltless Grill menu. Trying to be good! We then met up with the crew and saw a 10:00pm showing of Transformers. Wow that movie felt long. It was okay, the last 20 minutes were the best. That night I wore an aque look inspired by Makeup By Tiffany D's last Summer Makeup tutorial. I did a quickie version since I only had about 5 minutes to do my makeup.

That day I also had a chance to open up some presents from the boyfriend. He awoke me with flowers and wrapped presents on our coffee table. However, when I wake up from work I'm in and out with only a few minutes to spare. I opened them when I got home. Please ignore me looking crazy...I was trying out different eyeshadow colors on each eye, lol.

Here I am blowing out the candles on my tiny ice cream cake. I told my BF how growing up my mom used to always get me Carvel Ice Cream cakes, my fav! He got a mini version so that we could still celebrate with just a little piece while being on a diet. If he had gotten a regular size cake we would have been in trouble!

Yay! My immediate reaction at the gifts :) By the way, I'm rocking a dress I bought in the Philippines.

He also got me a rose for every birthday we've celebrated together. Red for love and a pink in the middle for love and friendship. I wanted my boyfriend to keep gifts more low key this year because we've spent too much on each other in the past.

I finally got a GPS! If you know me, I'm the worst with seriously the worst out of anyone I know, lol.

Yay the Twilight book series! I know I'm a bit behind on this trend but about two weeks ago I NetFlixed Twilight and after watching it I fell in love! I already read two entire books in 3 days...and that was me trying to read slow! It's really addictive...I just love the romance :)

Thursday night my friends took me to a birthday dinner at a surprise location. I was so happy because they took me to a swanky South African Spot! I've been looking around Atlanta to find some tasty African cuisine but the closest I could ever find was Ethiopian. It was super nice inside with a live band and everything. If you're in Atlanta, it's called 10 Degrees South. I ordered a yummy Chicken Curry dish...everyone loved their food.

My friends got a card made just for me! They had the card maker sketch a picture of me using one of my pics on my blog...I think she used my Rihanna Makeup tutorial! Inside they had the card written comparing our friendship to the blending of was so cute and thoughtful.

This year they surprised me. Instead of cake, they had cupcakes! Again, better for my diet so we don't go least I thought lol. Each cake had different fillings from fudge, to custard, to was so yummy!

We tore those bad boys up!

Here's a look I wore for the night. I used the Double Stack Palettes to create this bright blue look along with my Eve Pearl liquid liner and Red Cherry lashes.

Besides that I'm wearing Mineralized Satinfinish foundation in NC42. I've fallen in love with this foundation all over gives such a nice, dewy glow. I'm also wearing MAC refined golden bronzer on my cheeks and Bare Bronze lipstick with Liberated Lipgloss. These are quickly becoming staples in my summer makeup collection.

Friday night was my best friend's fiance's bday. We went midtown to celebrate. First we ate Tapas and then headed to a Wet Willies style bar. LOL, I didn't take pictures of that night because it was not cute. We ended up leaving early because the birthday boy had a little too much that night. Ah well, it was still fun lol. Too bad I have to get my car cleaned now if you catch my drift, lol.

Saturday was just for me and the boyfriend. Again, I wanted to keep it really low key. We're going to Savannah this weekend so no need to go crazy with it. We ended up going to the Discover Mills Outlet mall a half hour away.

We splurged on the diet and had Johnny Rockets :) Here we are sharing a root beer float. We also were extremely corny and took pictures in a photo booth. While at the mall I stopped by the CCO and actually didn't get anything. Instead I ended up getting a cute flower claw clip and two nail polishes for all of $7...see I'm a cheap date! We picked up a new pair of jeans for the boyfriend...I'm trying to get him to transition into more fitted styles. I also bought 8 pairs of shoes from the Nine West Outlet...nope, not all for me. They're for myself and the rest of the bridesmaids for my best friend's wedding in October. Can't Wait!

Of course, a shot of makeup. I went really simple with this one. I'm just wearing black eyeliner smudged with a dark blue shadow from the Double Stack Palette. I'm also rocking Stila lipglaze in vanilla and Blonde MSF on my cheeks.

That's all for now folks! Thanks for reading and celebrating with me :)

Atlanta Makeup Artist