Mineral Magic Microdermabrasian Mask Review

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As you know, this past year, I've recently taken a new focus on skincare. Makeup is only as good as its base...and clear skin is the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application.

One mineral makeup company, Mineral Magic Cosmetics, has recently been acclaimed by national publications for its innovative products and vegan, cruelty-free products. I've seen other Gurus sing praises of this line and I was interested to try them out.

In particular, Mineral Magic has a new face mask that I seemed to call my name. It's called the Mineral Magic Microdermabrasian mask pictured below. Many spas offer a service called Microdermabrasian - a hardcore exfoliating process that's supposed to take years off your skin. This mask touts the same benefits, and is a lot cheaper as well!

The mask comes with a facial brush applicator so that you can apply and buff the product into the skin. The applicator has a sturdy handle which makes it easy to grip, and a plasic cap so that you can prevent dirt and dust from getting in the bristles while you store it.

This clay and oil mixture contains many beneficial ingredients including Aloe and shea butters, avocado, olive and grapeseed oils, and 100% pure, cosmetic clays. The clay also contains Dermabrasian crystals which are essential in the exfoliating process.

NOTE: At first, the masque is an oatmeal color because it is freshly poured. When it has had time to become completely saturated with the oils, it turns to a green clay colour. This is normal. It is not a mold or mildew! It is completely safe to use for one year upon opening the product.

Benefits: As an oil based mixture, the mask is perfect for oily, acne prone skin. This is similar to the cleansing oil method. The oil in the mask will draw out oil and impurities from the skin - giving you the ultimate facial cleanse. The spa quality clay ingredients also contain lightening agents which will fade acne scars and age spots over time.

Testing the Product: Due to my ultra-sensitive skin having past issues with products, I always test out a new product on a patch of skin 24 hours before. No reactions with this - that's a plus!

Applying the Product: Take the facial brush applicator (it's dishwasher safe by the way) and get a little bit of it onto the bristles. Gently buff this onto your face in a circular motion, avoiding eyelids. Leave the product on as desired, up to 15 minutes should suffice. Afterwards, remove with a damp washcloth.

Afterwards: You'll notice an immediate change. Your skin will feel so smooth. The oils in the product really hydrate your skin. If you choose to remove the mask with just warm water, you'd notice more of an oily coating remaining on your skin. This is completely normal and actually good for your skin. However, I'd recommend removal with a damp washcloth if you're not used to this feeling. Place the mask in your refrigerator after to maintain its shelf life - it's good for up to one year.

My Thoughts: I thought this was a great mask, I really saw a difference afterwards. My normally dry skin felt so soft and hydrated afterwards. I also focused the brush on my nose where I tend to have rough skin and clogged pores - it's just as good as a biore pore strip! This mask is definitely better than a lot of other products on the market.

You can purchase this mask and the facial brush for $25 at Mineral Magic Cosmetics.

Make sure to check out Mineral Magics on YouTube for helpful information and amazing makeup tutorials. In addition to this product, they have amazing mineral makeup stacks that many YouTube Gurus love.

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