Product Spotlight & Giveaway: Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub

EDIT: Jan Marini has graciously offered to give away one of these amazing body scrubs to one of you. Leave a comment and tell me why you want this fabulous product by 12 midnight eastern standard time. I'll pick a winner and announce it tomorrow!

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to spotlight a product that I've been using nearly everyday - Jan Marini's Bioglycolic Body Scrub. As you know, I'm a huge fan of Jan Marini and my entire skincare routine is from her line.

My Regular Body Routine
In terms of my body, I honestly don't do much except bar soap, lotion and occasionally spf. Body scrubs have always seemed like an optional luxury for me, not making too much of a difference to use regularly. I have a few scrubs that usually sit in my shower that are only used on the random occasions that I decide to apply self-tanner.

The Claims
By the urging of my friend Kim at Jan Marini, I decided to try this scrub. She told me it makes your body so smooth that she hardly has to wear body lotion anymore. That claim alone made me curious. I have to use body lotion's part of my routine. If not, I'm suceptible to the dreaded ashy leg look - not cute.

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Where To Apply It?
First off, this scrub is intended for the body, not the face. It contains the same Bioglycolic components as my facial cleanser from Jan Marini, meaning it contains resurfacing agents that not only provide moisturize to the skin, but resurface it and improve the tone and texture as well.

Applying the Product...
This product is safe enough for use on a daily basis. I apply about a quarter amount to my hands at a time and rub it everywhere on my body, adding more as needed. You can also use a washcloth. Even as I'm applying the scrub, I can already feel my skin becoming more smooth. It's different than the typical scrub...the granules remove dead skin, but the ingredients also feel like they're transforming the surface into a super smooth texture. I also apply this product to my feet to take care of dry and rough patches and they are just as smooth!

After the Shower...
Afterwards, I towel off as usual and whoa! My legs look as if I've been to a spa and been scrubbed, packed and wrapped. They are super smooth, soft, and even seem to glisten. I don't ever remember my skin becoming so soft. My boyfriend has definitely noticed as well - hooray! If I wanted to, I could even skip body lotion because my skin feels uber moisturized. However, since it's an ingrained habit, I apply my regular body lotion and it absorbs so much better into my skin.

Who Can Use It?
This is safe for all skin types, but especially for dry skin. If you want soft, smooth, silky skin this is for you. I wish I had discovered this years before. Say goodbye to ashy legs and rough skin will never be the same. It's like I discovered the fountain of youth! I am truly not exaggerating about how much I love this product. This is a summer Must-Have. Give it a try, you want regret it.

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