Steelo Cosmetics Bronzey Summer Look

Hi Bellas,

Sorry for no post yesterday. I was supposed to have this video up but I was having technical difficulties. I've been meaning to do this tutorial for a while where I do a look on myself using Steelo Cosmetics. You've seen me do a couple of posts on this's definitely one of my favorite lines of makeup out there. My only tutorial on it featured my Best Friend Saiesha. This time, I wanted to show the versatility of this brand as well as how it can work on various skin tones.

I also showed off the mineral foundation in this tutorial. I touched on it briefly before, but Steelo's foundation is amazing in its attention to undertones and variety for all ethnicities. You can try out foundation samples and I love how they break it down for you to help you find your perfect shade. If anything, breaking it down into undertones is helpful. At this time, I'm an MD25. I recently came back from Savannah with a tan even more so than from the Philippines. When I tan, I tend to have a more red/bronzed undertone, so the MD shades work well.

Light to Medium Shades
-Neutral Undertones - Lightest shades
-Yellow Undertones: Popular colors among Asian and Latin Women.
-Red Undertones: Warm bronze with red undertone.
-Olive Undertones: Olive shades for light skinned women.

Medium to Dark Shades
-Yellow Undertones, Red Undertones: Shades are popular with African American Women.
-Copper Undertones: Popular for mid brown skinned African American women.
-Caramel-Brown Undertones: Mid range shades for darker skinned tones or classic browned skin women, popular with African American Women.
-Blue Undertones: Darker skin tones with blue and some red.

In terms of my tutorial, it's a very simple and easy summer look. I went for a light, bronzey feel which won't feel too heavy in the summer sun. The eyes have a mix of peaches, golds, and bronzes. The cheeks and lips are bronzey earth tones are well. This is perfect for you guys that love a more neutral look...enjoy the tutorial because I don't do neutral looks often!

Check out my video tutorial!

Here's What I Used - All Products from Steelo Cosmetics unless otherwise mentioned:

-Medium Eyeshadow Base
-Eyeshadow Trio in Entourage - light pink and burgundy colors
-Cosmo single eyeshadow
-Mandarin single eyeshadow
-Matte Beige eyeshadow
-Black eye kohl
-Red Cherry #76 lashes
-Earth Brown Brow Liner
-Black Mascara

-Mineral Foundation MD 25
-Terracotta Spice blush
-Body Shimmer in Fairy

-Sand lip pencil
-Runway lip gloss

The final look!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist