Monday, July 20, 2009

Ask The Beauty Clique

Hi Bellas,

Happy Monday! On today's post I need your help with putting together some information for an upcoming video.

I, along with 3 other fabulous bloggers, Leslie from Les Face It Makeup Artistry, Joy from RockStarMUA, and Michelle from BombChell, are bringing you the first installment of the "Ask the Beauty Clique" series.

What You Need To Do
-Leave any and all questions you would like us to answer in a comment below. We all have varying levels of experience in this makeup game and we'll film a roundtable discussion answering your questions.
-Consider it like the show "The View" but we'll discuss anything to do with beauty :)

We'll film a video answering some of your questions and have it up for you guys soon!

Leave your comments today since we'll be filming tomorrow!

Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


hotmamaoyeah said...

What is the longest lasting lipfloss on the market?
What are some of the best drugstore eyeshadow you recommend?

Fabulous World of Sara said...

i have very pigmented lips...and i wud like to wear rose&pink shades but they dont show up on my lips...what wud u recommend?

Kim said...

I've been on the hunt for a good concealer. I've tried several on the market but they tend to look cake-y on me(especially under the eye). Am I doing something wrong? Are there a tips on preventing this from happening? Can you recommend a good concealer?

infojunkiegrl said...

a couple questions:

skincare: what age should an anti aging regimen begin? what ingredients should we be looking for in those particular products? what brand names offer good anti aging products for a variety of skin types?

makeup: can you explain eye shapes and how you can apply makeup on these different eye shapes

thank you!!

Monique said...

Ok here is something that is REALLY stomping. I am African American and I want to rock some yellow eyeshadow but they ALL disappear on my lid. I tried using the NYX milk pencil on top of an eye primer, but it still gets cakey. WHAT EYELID BASE SHOULD I USE TO BRING OUT COLORS LIKE YELLOW ON DARKER SKIN? Thanks for answering this in advance, lol.

Renee said...

Lips: When it comes to wearing lipstick or even lip gloss, I get the case of the ugly line after two-three hours (I assume it's a buildup of skin) and the skin on my lips also puff up and come off my lips. This also happens when I'm not even wearing anything on my lips. I have worn lip pencils, which have helped to a degree, but then I get the lip pencil caught between the creases of my lips, my lips look dry, or the line on the lips again (just not as badly). It feels as if my lips are too moist to wear anything most of the time. Any suggestions on what to do?

cindycs said...

1. i have a lot of acne scarring on my cheeks, what is teh best way to cover that without layering too much product and getting a cakey finish?
2. i'm an nw35 skintone, and i live pink and coral lipsticks, is that a suitable colour for my skin tone or should i be wearing more neutrals?
3. what would be a mac/drugstore neutral coloured lipstick for an nw35 skin tone?

Amina said...

what a great group!!
My question is 5 top make up no no...things you should never ever do!
thank you

Kat said...

Makeup items: where to splurge and where to save?

Plus, examples of low-cost/good quality items for a natural makeup.

Thank you :)

beautygeek said...

I have extremely stubborn lashes. I can never ever wear regular mascara formulas so I opt for waterproof ones which work great. My lashes are long, but I am Asian and my lashes have no fullness. What mascaras do you guys recommend that can help me achieve that voluminous/sultry look?

Heaven said...

what is the best face primer for someone with extremely oily skin and and lives in a very hot climate.

petlewin said...

What is cutting the crease???

Dark And Lovely said...

I have two questions
1)How does a dark skin person choose a concealer (all that have tried make me look cakey)
2) I have big lips. Most lips glosses I've tried wearing tend to disappear after about an hour of wearing. Also there is usually I white filmy residue which I can't stand. How do i prevent the filmy residue and how can I prevent my lip gloss from wearing off?

1HOTMAMA said...

If i have NO makeup at all, can you put a whole list together of what i need to buy from MAC for a complete face?

1HOTMAMA said...

If i have NO makeup at all, can you put a whole list together of what i need to buy from MAC for a complete face?

BeautifullyHuman said...

I am a dark skin female and I am interested in blush. What would be a good blush to use that would work on dark skin. And is there a process in applying it?

Second question would be what are some good quality "cheap" brushes I can use to apply make-up without having to spend a lot of money at like MAC?

AKA Mylilfe said...

makeup: I find using white eye liner makes my eyes more slanted then they really are, does that happen to you?

Kat said...

Oh and what kind of makeup should people with physical education wear (with drugstore affordable suggestions

avicdens said...

i would like to know about eyeshapes ? how to compliment your eyeshape? thanks