Contest Winners For Real

Hi Bellas!

So today is the big today! Last night, the BF and I filmed the contest results video. Thanks everyone for entering! I had nearly 100 videos to go through, dang mama! Sorry for those of you who I couldn't accept...I wanted to stick to my contest deadline and didn't want to bend the rules this time.

Okay so it was a really hard choice. As you know, I commissioned you guys to pick a look that you think I would rock. In case you're unfamilar with my makeup style, I love bright dramatic, smokey eyes. My favorite colors are hot pink, bright lime green, bright ocean blue...pretty much Lisa Frank colors when you think about it (is that a throwback or do some of you youngings know what I'm talking about? lol).

It was really I decided to do 4 winners instead of 1! I honestly picked my fav 4 out of the bunch. Since I wasn't expecting to do so many winners I had to get together some prizes to give away. 4th through 2nd place will receive a few goodies listed below...I'll probably throw in some pigments and shadows too.

Some of these runner up prizes include:
Barielle Soothing Cucumber Foot Soak
False lashes - either Revlon, Elf, Ardell or Shisem
Victoria Secret Lipgloss
Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop Brush
Anastasia Baked Highlighting/Brow Kit
Chi Hair Brush
Posh Kabuki Brush
Earthen Glow Minerals Glosses
Jan Marini Facial Serum

For the grand prize'll be receiving $100 in makeup that I absolutely love! It's actually over a $100 since I used my 40% discount at MAC :) I went with the different suggestions and a few suggested to give away some of my favorites. I tried to pick things I actually use and that I think a variety of people can benefit from -- regardless of age, race, or preference.

Here are the goodies!
-MAC Pink Fish Lip Conditioner - for those of you who wanted something from the HK collection!
-The infamous MUFE No. 92 Purple Eyeshadow
-NARS blush in Taos - Love! Gotta have at least one NARS blush!
-MAC Smolder Kohl - the one I always use
-MAC pencil sharpener - don't waste 1/2 of this pencil by using a cheap really does make a difference!
-MAC paint pot in painterly - a basic color that everyone should have!
-MAC 217 brush - my fav MAC brush, couldn't live without it
-Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop Paint Brush - Use it all the time!

And now the winners!

Check out my video with the BF announcing the winners, it's hilarious if I do say so myself ;)

4th place - Tinks1Mommy

3rd Place - MACNC40

2nd Place - Le Midget

Grand Prize - Buzz Fuzz Bunny!

Random Comment winner -Jenanyousif

If you've won, please email me at to claim your prizes. Congrats to everyone who won!

Don't worry guys, there will be more contests coming soon!

Atlanta Makeup Artist