Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Contest Winners For Real

Hi Bellas!

So today is the big today! Last night, the BF and I filmed the contest results video. Thanks everyone for entering! I had nearly 100 videos to go through, dang mama! Sorry for those of you who I couldn't accept...I wanted to stick to my contest deadline and didn't want to bend the rules this time.

Okay so it was a really hard choice. As you know, I commissioned you guys to pick a look that you think I would rock. In case you're unfamilar with my makeup style, I love bright dramatic, smokey eyes. My favorite colors are hot pink, bright lime green, bright ocean blue...pretty much Lisa Frank colors when you think about it (is that a throwback or do some of you youngings know what I'm talking about? lol).

It was really I decided to do 4 winners instead of 1! I honestly picked my fav 4 out of the bunch. Since I wasn't expecting to do so many winners I had to get together some prizes to give away. 4th through 2nd place will receive a few goodies listed below...I'll probably throw in some pigments and shadows too.

Some of these runner up prizes include:
Barielle Soothing Cucumber Foot Soak
False lashes - either Revlon, Elf, Ardell or Shisem
Victoria Secret Lipgloss
Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop Brush
Anastasia Baked Highlighting/Brow Kit
Chi Hair Brush
Posh Kabuki Brush
Earthen Glow Minerals Glosses
Jan Marini Facial Serum

For the grand prize'll be receiving $100 in makeup that I absolutely love! It's actually over a $100 since I used my 40% discount at MAC :) I went with the different suggestions and a few suggested to give away some of my favorites. I tried to pick things I actually use and that I think a variety of people can benefit from -- regardless of age, race, or preference.

Here are the goodies!
-MAC Pink Fish Lip Conditioner - for those of you who wanted something from the HK collection!
-The infamous MUFE No. 92 Purple Eyeshadow
-NARS blush in Taos - Love! Gotta have at least one NARS blush!
-MAC Smolder Kohl - the one I always use
-MAC pencil sharpener - don't waste 1/2 of this pencil by using a cheap really does make a difference!
-MAC paint pot in painterly - a basic color that everyone should have!
-MAC 217 brush - my fav MAC brush, couldn't live without it
-Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop Paint Brush - Use it all the time!

And now the winners!

Check out my video with the BF announcing the winners, it's hilarious if I do say so myself ;)

4th place - Tinks1Mommy

3rd Place - MACNC40

2nd Place - Le Midget

Grand Prize - Buzz Fuzz Bunny!

Random Comment winner -Jenanyousif

If you've won, please email me at to claim your prizes. Congrats to everyone who won!

Don't worry guys, there will be more contests coming soon!

Atlanta Makeup Artist



yay congrats to the winners! i'd totally rock the grand prize winner look as well. this was an awesome contest! can't wait for more!

Girl with Curl said...

When I clicked on your page earlier, I was like hmm..she must have accidentally hit Publish Post.

Those prizes are great.

Lisa's funny you mentioned it because my boyfriend and I were shopping at Walmart and he needed a notebook so I told him to get a Lisa Frank one..definitely old school.

Ethereal Prey said...

w00t! gratz to all the winners!

jetblackstarsx said...

congrats everyone! i will be practicing for the next contest! i just got some posh brushes, love em<3 but i have had my eye on the kabuki brush...:)

zoua said...

hey ren, first let me start out by saying i love your videos!! they are so informative and the applicantion turns out flawless and beautiful :) gorgeous! you're very talented! i hope to get as good as you someday :) i also read on your blog that you get 40% off at mac! do you work there? i love mac and i would love to know more about discounts :) i hope you dont mind me asking. thanks ren! oh and by the way you and mike are so cute together! you guys are glowing with love :) so so cute!

A. Rose said...

You and your boyfriend are TOO cute...there aren't that many boyfriends that are as supportive about their girlfriends' passion for makeup. Props to him! And of course, congrats to all the winners!!

M said...

congrats to your gorgeous winners!

wreena said...

WOW you made great choices--1st and 2nd place looks amazing. are there larger/more close up pictures of these looks?

ps. you and your boo are so cute!

itsjudytime said...

Wow, those are some AWESOME LOOKS!! Great WINNER choices ;) btw, my bf and I were watching this video. YOU TWO ARE TOOO CUTE!!!!!

Hauteface said...

Congrats to the winners, those are some great prizes. You and the bf look very cute together.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

congrats to the winners, they all done a grand job!! must have been a tough decision!! you and your bf are very cute in the vid ^^

Beauty is Androgynous said...

dang those ladies did a great job!!!!!
mad skill!

dominican enigma said...

you and your bf are too cute. reminds me of mr. de and i.