It's snowing!

Hi bellas!

Today will be a short post. I actually am calling out sick today because I'm feeling under the weather. It actually snowed here in Atlanta this weekend, I can't believe it. I think the weather change messed me up though...or it could have been playing in the snow that got to me, lol.

I'm going to show you some pics of me and the BF in the snow since it rarely happens here in Atlanta!

Yay it's snowing! We busted out our winter gear for this one!

My lil gangsta ninja ;)

Our lil pregnant snowman :)

Awww I feel like a kid again! You're never to old to play!

Snow angels!

Okay I'm wet and tired now look...probably why I got sick, lol.

I think he's ready to go inside too, lol.

Check out my Ciara video on YouTube today guys...time to go back to bed!

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