Lauren Conrad Part I

Hi Bellas!

Happy St. Patty's Day! I forgot to wear green...dangit! I actually did look in my closet last night but I wore my green work shirt last week, sigh. Anyways, I wanted to post my recent you tube vid...the Lauren Conrad braided hair tutorial. This is a two part series. After much persuasion, I convinced my best friend Saiesha to do the tutorial with me. Ever since Laguna Beach, she's been all over these kind of shows...the Hills, the City, etc. She also does hair a lot better than me, lol.

This is the inspiration:

Jennifer Aniston also recently rocked this look to the Oscars:

You pretty much need very basic tools that should be lying around the house: rat tail comb, boar bristle brush, bobby pins, hair spray, smoothing cream, flower accessory-optional.

Check out my video tutorial! I did Sai's makeup in the video too...i'll show you the breakdown in part II on Wednesday.

Isn't my Bestie gorgeous? Love yah girl!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!