Bridal Consultation - Which Lip Color to Choose?

Hi Bellas!

Happy Friday! Today is going to be a longggg day. I'm leaving work early at 4pm so I can make it downtown to make it to an Indian Wedding at 5pm. I'll be doing makeup for the bride, her mom and sister until about 8:30. Then I need to be at an all night sorority event from 9pm onwards...I need to get myself a Monster energy drink!

Last night I packed my train case...I have a set up at home where clients come for makeovers. Therefore, I pack my traincase only when I have a gig on location. It takes me a while to pack it because i'm so OCD. If you're on twitter you've heard me talking about it. The wedding is a traditional Indian ceremony lasting three I'll be doing makeup Friday through Sunday. I also have sorority stuff all through this weekend. I'm excited though because Arabic style makeup is my fav!

Speaking of Indian bridal makeup, I did a consultation last week with another bride to be. She wasn't doing all out Bright Arabic Style makeup...she went more the neutral route. The eyes were really easy to do. The bride is actually going to have her entire face threaded so we used concealer on her eyebrows to mimic a "complete" look. The main issue we were having was picking a lip color. She's used to dark burgundy type lips but was open to trying out what would look best for the big day...I think we went through about 20 lip combos to see what I thought looked best on her and what she felt comortable with at the same time. Which one do you guys like? She's wearing lighter lips in the first two, and darker in the second two. I know which one I like but i'm not telling he he.

Have a great weekend bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist