Blue Green Eyes

Hi Bellas,

Whew talk about most tiring weekend ever! LOL I had my three day makeup gig for an Arabic wedding along with a whole bunch of sorority stuff. Poor BF was neglected this weekend :(

I took a pic of the makeup I wore to do makeup on Friday. I figured since it was an Arabic wedding, I could go dramatic with the makeup, yay!

-pure white chromaline
-gesso e/s
-lime green e/s (MAC pro)
-beautiful deep blue/purple color from my 120 Stars Makeup Haven e/s palette
-black liner
-shisem lashes

-flashmode lipglass (throwback!)

I was so exhausted this weekend but my boyfriend surprised me when I got home.
He updated my youtube home page and made it all pretty! I like how he created links on the top to my blog, website, twitter and for comments. I think it looks a lot more cleaner and streamlined. He's always helping me along with my blog and youtube and I totally yield to him to express his creativity. Thanks babe!

I'll make sure to post pics of the wedding soon....the bride looks amazing! Check out YouTube today for my Lauren Conrad Hair tutorial!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist