L'Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Color System

Hi Bellas,

The world of blogging has definitely introduced me to new beauty concepts and techniques -- one of which is sulfate free, organic hair products.

I've always wanted to jump on the band wagon since I know they're better for you...especially with shampoos and conditioners. Most shampoos contain sulfates which strips away the color and moisture making your hair worse off in the long run. A viewer of mine who works for a salon stated that it was like putting floor wax in your hair...not good! The hard part was that it was a lot easier for me to buy products that contained these bad ingredients since the former was not as widely available.

On top of everything, my hair has been colored for the last 8 years, which makes me paranoid about getting the right amount of moisture in my hair. Otherwise, it can feel like straw.

Seems like the concept of sulfate free products is finally catching on. L'Oreal just released this new line of hair products- The Ever Pure line. I was excited because right on the packaging you see that it's sulfate free! I've tried other sulfate free shampoos in the past...like Giovanni's Triple Tree ...it was hard for me to get used too because it lacked the suds action I'm accustomed to. L'Oreal's shampoo suprisingly had a lot of lather action. The smell of these products is very herbal and minty...very refreshing. The conditioner seemed to do it's job, but every other shampoo I still like to use a deep mask conditioner to give me the extra moisture I crave.

For $7 a bottle, this is definitely worth trying out.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!