Beach themed shoot

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? It went so quick for me! I did an Indian Wedding and had to start makeup at 6am. Whew! I had to also completely change the look for the reception. I love doing Indian weddings because of the dramatic makeup and clothing.

I also had dinner with another blogger Leslie on Sunday. It was actually a sort of double date with the BF's :) I'll post pics soon!

I'm already waiting for the weekend, he he. For those of you who ordered from the blog sale, if you've already paid, I'll be shipping tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here's a shoot I did a few months ago that I'm now getting to posting. Enjoy!

This is another installment of a shoot with a model I worked on for two other looks This is outfit change #3. We shot this on top of a mound of dirt and hay in the middle of a construction site. By this point in the day, it was reaching sun down and it was so cold my nose was running. Again, kudos to the model for sticking it through.

I love the way these photos came out. The colors look so ethereal and you can see the wind captured in her dress. The colors are the same from the last shoot: airbrushed skin, smokey eyes and nude lips.

You can really see the emotion in this photo.

Looks like a beach doesn't it? Nope, it's a construction site in the middle of Atlanta!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist