Dinner with Fellow Blogger Leslie

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday! I'm so glad for today since it's the beginning of a long weekend since we have President's Day off here, woo hoo!

FYI, I picked up a few items from the MAC Hello Kitty collection on Wednesday. I wasn't overly impressed with the collection but picked up a few things for packaging and collecting. I'll have the look I created posted on YouTube on Monday.

Last night I had another bridal consultation. It went really well. The bride definitely loves her makeup so we went for a more dramatic bridal look using lavendar and purples. I'll post pics soon! I noticed that my consultations tend to run about 3 hours...I like to take my time with the appointments so that we can try out any look and discuss any changes to the makeup. I think this definitely makes the bride feel better. I've often heard that they'll get their makeup done without the chance to really put their input in...it's like wham bam thank you mam! I like to get the client really involved to make sure they love their look. It's worked so far since I've booked a wedding for every consultation I've done. Cross your finger that the streak continues!

Anywho, last weekend I went out with another one of my fellow A-town bloggers Leslie. We discovered that we both love Ethiopian food so we decided to meet for dinner and bring our boyfriends along.

Food porn! If you've never had Ethiopian food, you're supposed to take the flat bread and pick up pieces of the food with the bread. Very similar to Indian or Trinidadian style food with naan or roti. The picture on the right is our appetizer - Fried Lentil Sambusa...OMG so good! I cheated on my diet that night to have one of them :)

Silly picture of me as my boyfriend is testing the camera's lighting. This is my look from the Hayden Panettiere tutorial. I finally got to rock a look I did for a tutorial on the outside!

Me and Leslie. Bloggers unite! I hope to work with her on a gig soon :)

Double daters!

Hubby and I :)

Tonight we're taking one of my best friends Melissa to a birthday dinner at a Vegetarian restaurant. Hopefully she's not reading because it's supposed to be a surprise so I won't spill all the details. I think I'm going to try doing a tutorial for Jennifer Hudson's Grammy makeup tonight and wear it out.

I'm in the dark about what the BF is planning for Valentines Day, I hope it's good! Have a great Valentines Day weekend Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist